A Doctor On Why Gummies Aren’t The Best Way To Take CBD

With the CBD market largely unregulated, one problem with gums is mislabeling. "When you buy a gummy bear, you just don't know what's in it," Rountree said on the podcast.

In summary, CBD products should contain a standardized, consistent amount of the cannabinoid CBD (or, if it's a full-spectrum blend, multiple cannabinoids including CBD) and less than 0.3% of the psychoactive cannabinoid THC. This ensures that it is rich in calming plant material – but not the kind that will get you high.

However, according to a study of edible cannabis products from 47 different brands, only 17% were accurately labeled. 23% were under-labeled for THC content and 60% were over-labeled. "Edible cannabis products from three major metropolitan areas, while not regulated, did not meet basic standards for drug label accuracy," the study said. "More than 50% of the products evaluated had a significantly lower cannabinoid content than marked."

This research has now been conducted on cannabis products, which are naturally higher in THC than hemp products, so there is no direct correlation. However, another review suggests that similar problems can affect non-psychoactive hemp foods as well, as regulating foods is inherently difficult. "Countless techniques are used to extract cannabinoids from the cannabis plant in a form that can be incorporated into the myriad of forms food can take," it says, "resulting in significant variations in the amount and homogeneity of cannabinoids that Products make it into the final. "

That's not to say all of the gummies are mislabelled, but if you are looking to buy the sweet treat, it's important to choose a brand that takes this stuff seriously. Look for a device that has done third-party testing to check cannabinoid counts and overall quality. It should be certified as free of pesticides, heavy metals, and mold.

Anything else to consider? Gummies, Rountree reminded us, are often sugary. And when we take CBD as a dietary supplement or capsule supplement (as opposed to ingesting it under the tongue in an oil or tincture), it tends to lose some of its effectiveness. This means you may need to take a higher dose to feel the full effects. When you start taking multiple gummies, it can result in a sugar spike that only fuels feelings of stress and anxiety rather than taming them.

In the end, Rountree said, there are better ways to get the relaxing, mood-stabilizing benefits of CBD – and they won't end in a sugar spill.

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