Can You Get Laser Hair Removal On Damaged Skin?

Laser hair treatment is a popular and preferred hair removal method that many opt for. It offers a non-invasive and long-term solution to body hair.

However, there are certain terms and conditions when getting laser treatment. One non-negotiable condition is that the skin must be healthy.

But what do you do if your skin just broke out before an appointment?

Whether it is a flare-up of a skin condition or cuts, we are here to explain when you can and cannot have laser hair removal.

Damaged Skin Types

Sometimes skin conditions can flare up as you near your treatment appointment.

The most common type of skin damage includes:


Eczema is a skin issue wherein the skin develops rough and itchy rashes. It is quite common and is medically referred to as atopic dermatitis. Eczema can have many forms and types and in some conditions, the skin can even develop blisters.

It is a chronic issue that persists for a long time and flares occasionally. It can be very irritating but is generally non-contagious.

Even if you have eczema, you can have laser hair removal. In fact, laser treatments are used for patients suffering from eczema when other treatments fail.

Laser hair removal is considered the least invasive option for removing hair as it does not damage the skin further.

However, if eczema flares up during the course of treatment, treatment will have to be paused for some time. Also, if it continues to happen throughout the treatment, longer gaps will have to be taken between successive sessions


Psoriasis too is a chronic skin disease that causes rashes that are scaly and itchy. These rashes are most commonly found on elbows, knees, scalp, and such areas.

It is a painful condition and follows a cycle of flare-ups.

People suffering from psoriasis can have laser hair removal, however, it will also depend on how severe the condition is.

The affected area will have to be examined by the technicians before approving treatment. Also, during the course of treatment, if psoriasis flares up, treatment will have to be paused and can only be continued once the skin is back to normal.

Cuts And Scars

In the case of an open wound, laser treatment cannot be performed. So, whether it is a cut or an abrasion, you will have to wait for the skin to completely heal before starting laser treatment.

However, if the cut is small and you’re getting laser treated in a large area, the technician can work around the cut.

Also, if the wound has healed completely and only scars are left behind, laser treatment can be performed.

However, as scarred skin does not allow hair regrowth, laser treatment is really out of the picture. But if hairs are present, the area can be treated.

After Care Of Broken Skin

Whether your skin is broken or healthy, you will have to follow a certain set of precautions to avoid any harmful after-effects. And for broken skin, the precautions become more stringent.

Some of the after-care tips for both healthy and broken skin are:

  • Avoid going in the sun for at least a week
  • Avoid heat in all forms
  • Avoid saunas/ hot showers
  • Avoid harsh skin products and makeup
  • Avoid strenuous exercise (to avoid sweating)
  • Avoid exfoliating and shaving at least for the next 10 days
  • Avoid deodorants for the first 24 hours
  • Avoid anything that may irritate your skin

After-care tips for broken skin:

  • If the skin is broken, treat it like how would normally treat a damaged skin or wound. Keep the area disinfected and clean, and apply the necessary antiseptic cream or ointment. Bandage if necessary.
  • If your skin is not broken, just irritated, talk to your dermatologist or pharmacist and ask for a topical anti-inflammatory ointment recommendation.
  • Avoid tight clothes as they will rub against your skin, irritating it further.
  • If there are any unusual side effects, seek immediate medical advice.
  • If the irritation is not too much, you can apply a cool compress or a skin-soothing lotion

Undergo The Treatment At A High-Quality Med Spa

Med Spas or Medical Spas have qualified medical professionals who undertake clinical procedures for improving the appearance of the skin.

They are experts in the field with scientific knowledge to perform cosmetic procedures correctly. The objective of a med spa is to indulge and treat patients and reduce any risk that may otherwise occur in a non-professional setting.

If you are looking for laser hair removal services, we at SEV Laser promise to give you the best experience. With specialized laser technicians and registered nurses, we promise that no harm will come your way.

If you find us fit for the job, book an appointment with us.

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