PCOD Weight Loss Success Story – Karamjeet Kaur

here is PCOD Weight Loss Success Story of Karamjeet Kaur

PCOD Weight Loss Success Story – Karamjeet Kaur

Hey everyone,

How are you doing? I know, many of you are struggling with losing weight like me. For me the killer had been the winter goodies with jaggery along with multiple cups of tea and coffee. On top of that the lack of activity during the extreme cold weather this year. If you too share my tragedy then you too need some motivation to start working on yourself once again. So today here I am with a PCOD weight loss success story which has helped me get back on the right track. Before I introduce you to this wonderful lady, let me reiterate that this blog www.fitnessvsweightloss.com does not promote mindless weight loss stories. We believe that you need to keep your weight under control because you need to love yourself for your own sake not to prove anything to others.

Well having said that, let me introduce you to the wonderful Karamjeet Kaur, a 30 years old woman who is on the path of being a nutrition expert soon. Let us hear what Karamjeet Kaur has to say about her health rejuvenation tale. That is why we call it the transformation tale.

PCOD Weight Loss Success Story - Karamjeet Kaurhere is PCOD Weight Loss Success Story of Karamjeet Kaur

I met Karamjeet Kaur, a young health professional two years back and then lost touch with her. It was just a few days back when I got a message about her new engagement with her health. I contacted her and came to know how at the age of 30, she realized that it was high time she took control of her health as she was suffering from PCOD(Polycystic Ovarian disease) since 2015.

It was due to PCOD she was going through mood swings, anxiety, and irregular periods, leading to low confidence, as well as fast weight gain. It was not that she was not taking medication for her PCOD issues but there was one good doctor who told her that all her problems will end if she made a sincere effort to reduce weight, she will be better. Karamjeet knew that it was the right time to begin exercising regularly.

Thus began her regular exercises by joining a gym. Not only that, she took care of her water intake by consuming plenty of fluids, along with eating a good diet. After a while in consultation with her physician she reduced her medicines. When she began going to gym, her trainer helped her with a healthy and PCOD appropriate diet chart. Karamjeet while sharing her story shared, “When I started going to gym, my body weight was 90 kg in April 2021. I started following the stipulated diet and my effort paid. Finally I reduced 14 kg weight by February 2022. My body weight now is 76 kg. During all this time while I was working hard to lose weight, I understood the value of good health and fitness.

Take a look at Karamjeet Kaur’s Before and After pictures.

PCOD Weight Loss SuccessPCOD Weight Loss Success Story – Karamjeet Kaur Before

PCOD Weight Loss Success

During my transformation journey, I opted for a Fitness and Nutrition course. I was reading and checking all details about PCOD specific diet. I was trying every diet to check its effect and impact on my PCOD state in order to get fit. Today, while I am still on my weight loss journey, I realized that stress is something that not only effects mental health but also physical health.”

Tips to control PCOD

  • Walk to help an active blood circulation in your body.
  • With Proper diet our body gets proper nutrients to maintain fluid balance and nourishment.
  • It is important to keep moving and doing some creative activity daily to stay happy and confident.
  • Always listen to something motivational to keep you going.
  • Remember, Self Care is the best way to stay disease free.
  • Stop all packaged foods and cold drinks.
  • Sweets, chocolates, bakery products made with maida; pizza, burgers, noodles, momos and all other street and fried foods are a big NO-NO.

Karamjeet’s Diet plan

Let us see what Karamjeet used to eat and still continues eating in her diet.

  • Meal- 1          Pre workout  banana 60- 90 min prior to training and Black coffee
  • Meal-2           Post workout-1 scoop whey protein
  • Meal-3           4 eggs white with 300 ml skimmed milk
  • Meal-4           Green leafy vegetables with 50 grams rice (uncooked weight)
  • Meal-5           Fresh juice with 5 walnuts and 10 almonds
  • Meal-6           4 eggs or 100gm chicken with green leafy vegetables.

She took some supplements regularly like, Multivitamins, Omega 3, Vitamin C and Vitamin E tablets.

Karamjeet goes to gym six days per week. During this she does two hours of workout that includes weight training and cardio. Her daily cardio is for 45 minutes.

I hope you all liked this health motivation story of Karamjeet like me. If you too have a motivation story to share, please do contact us we are looking for motivation for you all. You can mail us here… fitnessvsweightloss@gmail.com

We wish Karamjeet Kaur more success in her life journey. May she be able to guide other women who are suffering due to PCOD, which undoubtedly is a lifestyle disease.

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