Weekly Horoscope For May 23-29, 2022 From The AstroTwins

Even if motivation’s been lagging, you could suddenly feel like you downed an espresso. These two accelerators connect once every two years, but they haven’t teamed up in Aries since 2011. For the record, that was a year when ambitions soared so high that people started styling their hair in the “Snooki Pouf” a la the spray-tanned Jersey Shore icon. (Note to beauty editors reading this, we’d be grateful if you don’t bring that trend back…) But as this pair of brash planets pass over the same zodiac point, there’s no stopping anyone from living out loud—or living their truth! On the global stage, there could be some shocking power plays and “for the people” revolutions like the Arab Spring that was waging during the last Mars-Jupiter meetup in Aries. If your activism is activated, make sure you’re throwing that energy behind a worthy cause.

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