10 Gift Ideas for the Wanderluster in Your Life

You met at the festival. Merge your 5 km. Participation in the largest yoga class under a blue sky. This year you created virtual and IRL support bubbles to navigate together through the madness of 2020. You have been through a lot and are united by the wanderlust spirit and made it into the holiday season. And although a year of increased stress is far from over, the thought of giving something warms the heart. So what do you give your wanderluster?

To save you the hassle, we've dug up and narrowed down ten gift ideas for the Wanderlust lovers and goers from brands and individuals they or you may have met at Wanderlust festivals. Here is the full list of unique gifts that will please anyone who is the true wanderluster at heart.

Biodegradable tree rubber yoga mat from Fable Yoga, £ 69

To encourage more people to practice yoga, a small independent yoga company creates Fable products with the aim of making a positive impact with every decision. Their mats are sustainable and made from tree rubber. For every yoga mat sold, they plant a tree.

Reusable ceramic coffee mug from Plastic Freedom, £ 25

So the use of disposable coffee cups is 2019, so don't leave room for unsustainable habits. Our friends at Plastic Freedom put together a selection of mugs and we love the shades of green from Frank Green.

Breathe Out by Richie Bostock, from £ 10

Book is the best present, isn't it? Especially when it teaches how to breathe and ultimately live better. Wanderlust Ambassador Richie Bostock aka The Breath Guy published a book "Exhale" in which he gives practical tips and theories on how you can change your life breath by breath.

Gift series 2

Wanderlust TV Gift Card, starting at $ 50

A gift from yoga? Reconnect with the global Wanderlust community in a virtual studio. With over 100 classes fired each month by the world famous Wanderlust teachers, there is no better place to find the True North.

A trio of therapeutic oils gift set from Mauli Rituals, £ 59

In winter, the time of Vatta per Ayurveda, it is so important to improve your oil game to bring more balance and calm to your life. This trio set from the London-based holistic brand does just that.

Cranberry, orange and cinnamon soy wax candle by Lanji Candles, £ 14

We believe that simply lighting a candle should bring joy and wellbeing. With so many options available, choose the local option and support a black-owned company like Lanji Candles.

Gift series 3

Everyday Essentials by Teapigs, £ 14.99

A gift for the good tea in your life. We find that it's always the little things that have the biggest impact on our day. That first cup of the morning? Game changer. How many teacups will we pour winter two more months ago? I agree.

Yoga towel topper by Willow Yoga, £ 39

Does your boyfriend like to break a sweat during a yoga class? Slippery times! A luxuriously printed yoga towel hanger is here to save. The nature-inspired Kew Tropics Indigo Yoga towel holder by Willow Yoga is a companion for every sweaty practice. Plus, it's a great travel mat. Well, if we can travel again.

Gifts of giving

For some, the opportunity is to give yourself a gift. Thankfully, the movement of giving a donation is increasing and more people are choosing to give back rather than focus on receiving. If done right, giving is a good gift – and all you need is just ask.

We have selected two organizations that we will support this year by raising awareness of their work. Perhaps they will inspire you with a non-traditional gift in these non-traditional times.

Plastic Patrol: End the damage that single-use materials and waste are doing to our planet.

Violent calm: Make yoga accessible to everyone while supporting the weakest in society.

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