3 Practices For Emotional Release That You Haven’t Tried Before

Release writing is a powerful tool that can give you much-needed relief and help you relax and rest. Release writing is a fast-paced “stream of consciousness” process used to dump your thoughts and feelings while writing by hand.

Most people tend to avoid their feelings because they fear them or because it’s what they’ve been taught to do. However, avoiding and suppressing your feelings is extremely draining on your energy, and the long-term impact of this is far greater than the short-term pain you would experience by processing them.

When you suppress your negative feelings, you are storing negative energy in your body. Unexpressed sadness typically causes lethargy and depression, and unexpressed anger often manifests as anxiety and irritability.

Release writing is a simple activity that you can try in order to release these negative emotions. You simply write as fast as you can while keeping up with your thoughts as best you can. Do not analyze, judge, interpret, or go back and reread what you wrote. Just write and release! 

To give it a try, begin by writing, “I feel sad because” or “I feel angry because” and then keep writing! Really allow yourself to feel the feelings as you write, and don’t stop until you experience a sense of emptiness and relief. Upon completion, safely destroy the paper to release the energy entirely.

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