4 Easy Steps From Makeup Artists

To level up your faux freckle skills, keep this expert advice in mind: 

Find your shade: Freckles are naturally much lighter than you think (whereas beauty marks tend to be richer in pigment), so make sure you start with a lighter shade and build up to your desired finish.  

Start slow: On that note: “It’s always easier to add more (pigment) than to take away,” Irwin advises. It’s sound advice for most makeup ventures, fake freckles very much included. 

Don’t aim for perfection: “A common mistake I see is concentrating too hard on perfection,” says Greenberg. A splatter of sun-kissed spots should appear breezy and effortless, so don’t feel like you must use shear precision to paint the pigment. Unlike, say, a sharp cat-eye, faux freckles actually look better with some asymmetry. 

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