4 Exercises To Help Relieve Symptoms Of Diastasis Recti

To cure diastasis recti, you want to activate the deep core muscles and let the rectus or "six-pack" muscles rest. You should avoid any exercise that puts pressure on the compromised rectus abdominis until you have resolved the separation, or it could get worse.

Additionally, "returning to exercise" as normal "could make or contribute to pelvic floor dysfunction or lower back pain," says McGurk. This includes traditional fitness moves that involve flexing the spine, such as the Pilates 100s, roll ups, and crunches; or anything that further expands the separation, like yoga backbends, cobra, camel, and wheel. You should also avoid exercises like box jumps or planks, which can put strain on the rectus muscles.

When in doubt, keep your spine neutral and do your cross-abdominal isolation exercise to check which muscles you are using. Everyone will react differently to pregnancy, but it is good to keep in mind that even if you feel "ready" for exercise or movement, it may not be in your best interests until the diastasis recti is closed.

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