4 Health Benefits & How To Use Them

When it comes to incorporating this bold mushroom into your daily diet, the options are endless. “I like to sauté them in olive oil with some shallots and garlic,” suggests Cording. “They also crisp up well and make a delicious soup or salad topper. You can also find it in some functional food products, like mushroom coffee.

Although there is no specific, set dosage for lion’s mane mushrooms, Knudsen notes that they can safely be consumed in high quantities, particularly in mushroom extracts. “When extracts from the mushroom are incorporated into supplements, they are usually done so in high quantities, much higher than what you would get from consuming the whole mushroom,” she explains. 

With supplements, powder form is the most common. You can add it to coffee, tea, a smoothie, or soup. Just make sure you’re heating them thoroughly, recommends Johansen. “You need to heat to release their nutritional benefits.”

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