50 Ways to Love Yourself

“Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the floor.” – Rumi

It's time to face the truth: the most important person in your life is you. How can we treat each other right? You don't have to follow a strict regime – we all have our own way of honoring ourselves. We reached out to our social media family to put together a list of 50 ways to practice self-love every day.

50 ways to love yourself

1. Wake up and dance.

2. Practice #yoga every damn day (duh).

3. Breathe deeply all the time.

4. Set clear boundaries between business and pleasure.

5. Take more bubble baths (maybe with some lavender oil).

6. Always eat good food.

7. Develop hobbies.

8. Sing to plants and take the time to notice small insects.

9. Sit and think.

10. Explore new places, even in your hometown.

11. Hang out with your friends and family.

12. Read more books.

13. Keep a journal.

14. Catching the sunrise.

15. Get comfortable and watch a movie.

16. Get a massage.

17. Try acupuncture

18. Turn off the lights and light candles.

19. Have a glass of wine (or choose your potion).

20. Enjoy a picnic.

21. Brunch often.

22. Make bouquets of wildflowers.

23. Skinny dipping in the ocean.

24. Listen to music and turn up the volume.

25. Open your windows.

26. Collect natural treasures.

27. Clean up your space.

28. Laugh often.

29. Treat yourself to essential oils.

30. Sweat at least once a day.

31. Repeat affirmative mantras such as "I am loved."

32. Watch the sunset.

33. Getting intimate… sure.

34. Daydream.

35. Travel outside of your comfort zone.

36. Tell the people you love that you love them.

37. Drink lots of water.

38. Nap.

39. Spend less time on your phone.

40. Volunteer.

41. Go for long walks or bike rides.

42. Buy gifts.

43. Eat chocolate.

44. Spend more time naked.

45. Gaze at the stars.

46. ​​Learn a new language.

47. Go to museums.

48. Incense sticks, sage or palo santo.

49. Forgive.

50. Remember that you are worth it.

This list was curated by Sara Fruman.

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