A Battery That Has Your Back, Literally!

FAQ: How long will my Garmin smartwatch battery last?

Answer: Longer than most other smartwatch brands — that’s for sure! If you find yourself charging your smartwatch overnight, regularly, then know that your smartwatch is falling short. A smartwatch battery life that only lasts a day — or even just a couple — means that you’re missing out on  accurately tracking your body’s physiological metrics. 

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but eeerrr…a smartwatch that spends more time in the charger than on your wrist gives a less accurate picture of your overall health and fitness status — not to mention that you’re missing out on the smart notifications you’ve come to rely on.  

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The Venu SQ gives you 5 days of battery life before having to recharge.

Luckily, you have a reliable friend in Garmin smartwatch batteries. They last a long time, and we mean a long time! At minimum, you should be getting up to 5 days of battery life before having to recharge (Venu SQ) — and up to 50 days maximum. (Yep, you read right – the Garmin Enduro™ for instance, boasts up to 50 days in smartwatch mode — or 65 if you’re using solar charging.) It all depends on the features that matter most to you and the smartwatch that’s a great fit for your lifestyle!

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The Garmin Enduro™ boasts up to 50 days of battery life in smartwatch mode

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