A Ceramide Supplement Is The Fix For Your Dry Winter Lips

I've always lived in places with harsh winters. From late November to the last days of March, inappropriately low temperatures, strong winds and often some snowfall were to be expected. (March is even generous, because when I lived in Wisconsin, a surprise snow storm in April or early May was out of the question.) This meant that I prepare for winter every year with the appropriate skin care products: thicker face cream, difficult to do Hair mask, hand cream always with me and more lip balm than you can count.

The lips are the most annoying in my opinion: No matter what I do or how much I layer, I am somehow never rid of cracks and peeling. Maybe dry winter lips were just my lot in skin care life?

However, this year feels different. Why? I took my nr + from mindbodygreen, a supplement that provides my skin with sufficient moisture. *

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