A Creamy DIY Hair Mask Recipe For Soft & Moisturized Strands

Well I would be the first to explain that summer is not over yet (no, no way) but when the season is drawing to a close this is the perfect opportunity to take stock of your strands: After all that UV exposure and pool time, you may be dealing with sizzling, straw-like curls. May I suggest a nourishing hair mask to breathe life back into your mane?

Hair masks, whether you go for market or DIY versions, help deliver moisture and nutrients back into the strands – think of a five-star meal paired with an ice cold drink for your parched hair. So, if you've been neglecting your hair's needs for the better half of summer (you have things to do and people to see!), A moisturizing mask can give the strands the much-needed maintenance.

Already convinced? What if we told you that you could make your own brew with just four simple ingredients? Ahead shares NYC-based hairstylist Jenna Pitocco her recipe for soft, luscious hair.

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