A Makeup Artist On Why You Should Condition Your Brushes

Your brushes are made of super fine, tiny hairs: be it animal hair or synthetic, vegan fibers that compete with natural strands in terms of look and feel. And hair, as you may know, needs moisture to stay soft and shiny.

This is where conditioner comes in: No matter which moisturizer you choose (our favorites here if you're curious), a good conditioner contains nutrients that can penetrate the hair shaft and soften the fiber. As hair consultant and trichologist Sarah Roberts once said to mbg: “The conditioner moisturizes your hair and helps it to become less frizzy as it also smooths your cuticles and gives them softness. Remember when adding fabric softener to your clothes after washing. "

Think about it: if you just use shampoo to remove the dirt from your hair without adding back moisture and nutrients, you have likely got a dry, rough mane. The same goes for your makeup brushes: "Like any other hair, it needs conditioner to stay strong," says Scortezz.

However, do a rinse through your brushes after you've washed out all of the pigment. It shouldn't take much – just a blob or two can really make a difference – and it should help your brushes stay soft and fluffy.

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