Air fryer, the best way to cut calories for health, fitness and weight loss

Air fryer, the best way to cut calories for

health, fitness and weight loss

It was in 2014 that I first read about Air fryer recipe of crispy cauliflower  in this blog IWB and was keen on buying one. But on second thoughts decided to hold on for some time and found Air fryers quickly becoming the most popular appliance in the kitchen of people who were serious about health, fitness and weight loss. Nowadays many people are finding the idea of using air fryers a great way to make quick, healthy meals to stay fit. Finally, I got one recently added to my kitchen.

Before talking about cooking with an air fryer in detail, let me initiate the uninitiated with a bit of what is an air fryer and how it works?

Air fryer, the best way to cut calories for health, fitness and weight lossCan Air fryer be the best way to cut calories for achieving health, fitness and weight loss target?

To begin with, an air fryer is a medium sized kitchen appliance that is used to prepare crisp food without using half a liter of oil for deep-frying. The air fryer blows hot air around the food causing it to be crisp, brown and crunchy.

Health benefits of using air fryer

Air fryer helps cook fried like food using less oil so that is a huge health benefit. Do you have any idea about how many calories can be reduced from your daily calories intake by using air fryer for cooking? The number is a massive cut of 70 to 80% of calories from your food prepared by. One tablespoon of oil means 125 calories roughly and most of the air fryer recipes require not more than that. Imagine the difference you can make to your health, fitness and weight loss by having one air fried bread roll in place of regular fried one. I love bread rolls, yes those typical Indian flavored ones with mashed boiled potato, chopped onions, green chilly and a dash of amchur powder but hated the oily mouth and lips along with that feel of oil oozing out of all the body pores. This time I used air fryer to prepare my favorite bread rolls for breakfast and loved its crunchy cover without any oil sticking to my lips. Oh! yes, I used home made desi ghee to brush those rolls. I had actually prepared eight of those thinking that I and my husband can have one each with evening tea, but by the time I reached the dining table, only these were left and I had to literally beg my husband to leave those two for a picture for blog 😛 (Sorry, I didn’t have patience to go for platter presentation)

Air fryer, the best way to cut calories for health, fitness and weight loss

I cooked eight of those rolls with not more than on tablespoon of ghee. Obviously, when we are using that little ghee or oil in an air fryer, it has to be a lot less caloric than other ways of frying. Thus air fryer is a way to lower your calorie intake substantially. Also the reduced or absent oil while air frying helps in cutting back on the total daily fat consumption. If you are trying to control fat intake for medical reasons, believe me, an air fryer in the kitchen can help create low fat fried foods without compromising on taste. Do I need to remind you that reducing fat and calorie intake is the basic rule for health, fitness and weight loss.

Let us take a look at the basic benefits of using air fryer. 

Air fryers promote weight loss

We Indians use a lot of frying while cooking delicious meals and the fact is that a higher intake of fried foods has direct links with high obesity risk. Moving on from deep-fried foods to air-fried foods can massively reduce regular intake of unhealthy oils thus promoting weight loss.

Air fryers cooking reduces the risk of toxic acrylamide formation

When we deep fry our food, it develops dangerous compounds like acrylamide.  As per the International Agency for Research on Cancer, acrylamide can have some links to causing some cancers, like ovarian, pancreatic, breast, and esophageal cancer. When you start using air frying in place of deep frying you lower that health risk.

Air fried food reduces disease risk

Replacing deep frying with air frying you can reduce risk of various heart complications. A healthy heart will always lead to good fitness levels and a happy weight loss journey.

Having said that I understand very clearly that air fryer cooking can be as healthy as you make it. If you wish to add bread crumbs to your air fried foods, can you really call it healthy? No, so it is up to you to cook as healthy meals as possible while using an air fryer.

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