All Your Yoni Egg Questions Answered

While the world continues to marvel at the yoni egg, which is gaining popularity around the world, many things are not entirely clear.

Most people only know the yoni egg by its appearance, but not much about how to use it or what it's made of.

This article tries to provide answers to questions that are often asked about the jade egg.

What is a yoni egg?

A yoni egg is essentially an egg-shaped crystal. The word yoni is a Sanskrit word that refers to the female genitalia but is more commonly used for the vagina.

The yoni egg is therefore used to refer to the egg-shaped stones that are inserted into the vaginal canal for their purported benefits.

The yoni egg is usually highly polished to create a smooth feel. This is important not only for the attractiveness but also for the safety of the user. It comes in different sizes and is made up of many types of crystals.

Where did yoni eggs come from?

The jade egg is said to come from the ancient Chinese civilizations where it was supposedly used by the royal women.

It is said that the jade crystal was considered to be very powerful and bent into the jade egg, which was consequently used by empresses and the emperor's concubines.

The egg was purportedly used to promote youth, improve women's sexual skills, improve fertility, and increase vitality.

However, it should be noted that there is no concrete scientific evidence that this was the case or that the jade crystal was used for these purposes.

Why do people use yoni eggs?

As mentioned above, the purported benefits of the jade egg have to do with sexual prowess, pleasure, and wellbeing. Here are some of the purported benefits of using the jade egg:

  1. With frequent and consistent use, the pelvic floor stones are designed to force the vaginal muscles to use Kegels to hold the egg in place, which in turn strengthens the pelvic floor and tightens the vaginal muscles. Benefits include a tighter grip during penetrative sex, decreased incontinence symptoms, lower risk of uterine prolapse, and faster post-mother healing.
  2. The jade egg is said to be spiritually beneficial, especially when combined with breath work, yoga, and meditation. Depending on the type of exercise and the crystals, it is said to help one reconnect with one's inner self, overcome trauma, promote better sexual wellbeing, improve clarity, and improve feelings of love, pleasure, and compassion .
  3. It is also claimed that the jade egg has various emotional benefits and can contribute to better emotional health through meditation, yoga, or breathing exercises. It helps one focus, relax, and calm down to reduce pressure, stress, anxiety, insomnia, anger, and depression.

Are Yoni Eggs Safe?

Your safety when using a yoni egg generally depends on individual factors such as medical status. Here are a few things to consider before using a jade egg:

  1. Pregnant women should avoid using the jade egg as it can affect their pregnancy and cause complications.
  2. Women during their periods shouldn't use the jade egg as it can make cramps worse. It's also very messy.
  3. Women recovering from childbirth should wait until they are fully healed to use the jade egg without slowing their recovery or reopening healing wounds.
  4. Women recovering from infections in their reproductive system should wait until they are fully cured to avoid harming themselves and slowing down their healing.
  5. Women recovering from surgery on their reproductive system should avoid using the jade egg until they are fully healed to avoid the stitches from reopening and antagonizing healing wounds.
  6. Women with specific medical conditions such as heart problems, asthma, arthritis and other medical conditions, or taking certain medications, should consult with their doctor before using the yoni egg.

It would be best if you were careful when purchasing your yoni egg as well. Getting yours from a trusted manufacturer will save you the agony and money you could spend on fake crystal injury and chemical poisoning treatment or fake broken egg replacement.

How do I use a yoni egg?

Using a yoni egg is pretty easy. The routine largely depends on your intended purposes and the types of exercises you want to incorporate. Here is a simple step-by-step guide:

  1. Thoroughly clean your egg before using it.
  2. Fasten the string around the holes of a drilled egg.
  3. Check it thoroughly for cracks or chips.
  4. Smear it over or add a little bit of lubricant if you feel you need one.
  5. Tip the egg until the smaller part is facing down. This should be the side with the string.
  6. Find a comfortable position, spread your legs apart and carefully insert them, with the larger part going in first.
  7. Gently push it in like a tampon.

After performing the exercises, gently pull the string until the egg comes out. Stand on a soft surface so that the egg won't break if it accidentally falls out.

Then clean it thoroughly and air dry. The cord is particularly susceptible to bacteria and germs. Therefore, clean them very thoroughly after use. If possible, replace it after each use. Keep the egg in a clean place.

In summary, yoni eggs are not quite as mysterious as they sound. You just have to make sure that you bought an authentic sized egg and the rest will fall into place very quickly.

Over time, you can learn how to incorporate exercises like yoni yoga, meditation, and breath work into your daily practice.

Also, make sure to clean your egg as often as possible and keep it in a safe place where it won't fall and break.

Finally, make sure to get approval from your doctor if you have any concerns about your safety while using a yoni egg.

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