Best Ways To Control Food Cravings

Covid-19 has changed our lives in different ways. Some people used the lockdown time to lose weight while others couldn't get enough of their favorite hunger. I know my friends who crave candy and found it very difficult to control them during the lockdown.

I don't have a sweet tooth, but sometimes I crave cute. You may want to read here how to curb sweet cravings. Let's see what foods we crave in general.

Best ways to control food cravings….


Zee once admitted that chocolate is the biggest hurdle to weight loss. There is always a reason for this desire. This is a sign that your body needs vitamin D, magnesium, and fatty acids. Few people crave chocolate when they are under stress. Chocolate releases a mood-enhancing hormone and we feel good after eating it;). If you're craving choclate, try a dark chocolate, but only 1-2 pieces. If your next question is which dark chocolate, my answer is Lindt. No, Cadbury Bournville chocolate is high in sugar and is a bad option!

Best ways to control food cravings

Junk fast food

Most of the time, when you are stressed out, you crave carbohydrates. A few months ago I could only think of Maggi and Pizza while I was under great stress in my life. Wonder why Carbohydrates give you an instant surge of insulin and make you feel full for a while, but later you would notice a drop in your energy levels.

In general, carbohydrate and salty food cravings can be controlled by increasing the level of chloride in the body. This means eating tomatoes, olives, lettuce, and sendha salt (unrefined salt).

Ways To Control Cravings Junk Food

Chalk / mud / clay / dirt

Cravings for chalk, mud, clay, dirt, ice, paint, or other non-food items is a condition known as "pica". This is a clear sign of iron deficiency. Read about Pica here.

coffee, tea

If you are addicted to coffee or tea, say hello to eggs, garlic, milk, onions, and fish. By increasing the sulfur, iron, and phosphorus levels, you can decrease the temptation to coffee and tea.

Hope this post would help you listen to your body's needs and act accordingly.

Until we meet again, God bless you! Maintain social distance and wash your hands regularly. We certainly don't want another lockdown due to a new wave of coronavirus.

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