Best Workout Music – 90s Bollywood Edition

Best workout music" width="580" height="387What's a good workout without music to get your hands and legs pumping for motivation? A person can exercise with 15% extra effort when good music is playing in their ears.

Best Workout Music – 90's Bollywood Edition

What's a good workout without music to get your hands and legs pumping for motivation? A person can exercise with 15% extra effort when good music is playing in their ears. Well, isn't that what we want?

Here is our list of absolutely amazing sadly forgotten Bollywood songs that will get you working out.

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1. Tamma Tamma Lodge


Watch the video for some easy, almost aerobic-like moves that are great for warming up! I mean you could definitely do 1:30.

2. Ye Kali Kali Aankhein


If your body doesn't automatically groove to this song, I judge you. The step at 1:10 is so easy, do it with your kids and they will dance away to glory.

3. Ole Ole


Delight and dance with Saif Ali Khan in his glorious youth. In the Ole Ole step, your gym manager asks you to volunteer for their aerobics program.

4. Tu ‘Cheese’ Badi Hai Mast Mast


If you look closely at this song, it's actually a total body workout. The day you feel like skipping the gym, follow the dance routine and stay on track!

5. Chamma Chamma


The boob shake is necessary for this song. When you're not exercising during your workout, make it a point to do this step in the shower.

6. Gupt Gupt


This is my favorite weight training song. Each repetition fits the beats perfectly. Try it. Lip sync and you'll unknowingly add a few reps!

7. Envy Dance


The Dance of the Envious is a great workout in itself. It starts with a slow warm-up and increases in pace. I would suggest listening to it while moving from one exercise to another. My favorite part starts at 1:25!

8. Le Gayi Le Gayi


Yes / Yes. I repeat Dil Toh Pagal Hai but… the film is about dance and the soundtrack is brilliant! I can not change it! Do this when doing bodyweight training. The slow tempo of the song helps with breathing and counting.

9. East or West, India is the best


For Saina Nehwal, for Milkha Singh, for Sachin Tendulkar, for yourself. Have this song in your playlist, you must!

10. Seed Samundar pair


Skip to this song if you're doing it on a cardio machine. The first bit is enough to warm you up for your workout!

11. Chamiya


Feel a little EDM (Electronic Dance Music) kick in? Exactly. The 90s were the birth of the boom. We just don't give him enough pumps!

12. Main Khiladi Tu Anadi


The ultimate cardio song! I suggest you get off the treadmill before the Ladki Dekhi Muh See Seeti part as I personally can't resist those steps.

13. Husn Hai Suhana


Perfect beats, a little loud pump and those faces that Govinda makes, this song offers the best full body workout. The Goriya Chura Na Mera Jiya is a personal favorite!

14. My adorable darling


There really is no limit to how much I personally love this song. I once did a 50 minute workout with this song on a loop.

15. Dholi Taro Dhol Baje


In the spirit of Navratri, here is the original song that makes our hearts go garba.

16. Nimbuda Nimbuda


Where there is Dholi Taro, there must be Nimbuda. Yes, I see you nod your head in agreement. Very well.

17. Chaiyyan Chaiyyan


I personally like this song on leg days. Your hips are in a comfortable space and the movement along with the beats to this song is getting smoother by the minute.

18. Ruk Ja O Dil Deewane


If there's a hottie at your gym, secretly sing that to him. I did it. It's not fun anymore and running on the treadmill while he's doing his reps is the best! (No less a music video, I should add)

19. Khambe Jaisi Khadihai

"" and ""

Click your fingers, walk with a hop. These songs are designed to rejuvenate your tired muscles!

20. Jumma Chumma Dede


The best composition of Laximikant Pyarelal will motivate you to exercise especially on those lazy Fridays!

21. Yaar Bina Chain Kaha Re


To be honest this song is great when you are on the elliptical machine. The one "pump" we make in it fits perfectly into his beats. Whoever said the elliptical is boring!

22. Koi Yahan Nache Nache


Live the old school disco with this song and increase your cardio session!

23. Bol Baby Bol, Rock and Roll


Shake your booty, make the jump, walk with a strut. This song will charge you up for your next exercise.

Instantly switch your playlist to these songs and watch yourself enjoy those supposedly boring workouts! Be confident and happily move toward a healthier you, one 90's Bollywood song at a time! 😀

Enjoy this playlist: Best workout music – Bollywood edition of the 90s. Woncha :)?

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