Coconut Oil In India For Weight Loss

Coconut Oil In India For Weight Loss

I have never used Coconut Oil all my life , I meant in cooking 🙂 . I knew nothing except Parachute Coconut Oil that my mum forcibly put in my hair few years back and I always complained that it smells yucks !

I came to know about the goodness of coconut oil few months back, post to help you with it here. I was hesitant to try it ! Finally I thought perhaps I will use a clip on my nose , the one that you use to prevent your washed clothes from falling 😀 but I will give one shot to use coconut oil in cooking.

But I never dared to think I would use coconut oil in my coffee, BPC. But now I have gone 1 step ahead of that ! Weak hearted should not read further 😛 . I have started drinking 1 TSP coconut oil as soon as I get up. Eeeeeeeeeeeeks, you might say but that’s true.

You will get coconut oil in India in all supermarkets. Ana when visited Kerala bought fresh homemade coconut oil. You also must pick up coconut oil from coastal areas if you happen to visit. If you belong to coastal area, I envy you ! I just love sea, beaches or even a pond 😀 . Let me stop ranting here, lets jump to your request, which coconut oil do I use !

Coconut Oil In India For Weight Loss

The coconut oil that I picked up this time is from KPL. This company is very popular in Bangalore. You could pick this from any supermarket. Its available online too on Bigbasket and Zopnow.

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The best part of KPL coocnut oil is that it does NOT contain Argemone Oil which is non-edible.

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Nutritional Information

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Rs 60 for 250 ml.

Oooh Yess

  • Available in a lot of sizes – 250 ml, 500 ml , 1 L and more
  • Convenient bottle to pour oil

Oooh Nooo

  • Smell , smell and smell ! But nothing is wrong with this brand, after all the smell is just coconutty !

Have you tried coconut oil in cooking ?

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