Dental Care Tips To Keep Your Teeth In Good Shape For The Holidays

We all love Christmas and New Years Eve, a time when we can let our hair down and enjoy a nice break with the family.

In some countries like Australia, it is a time to enjoy outdoor festivals. There are many delicious dishes on the menu and, of course, people drink, and why not?

While we all enjoy this time of year, our teeth and gums have been pretty badly damaged for at least a week, and with that in mind, here are a few oral care tips to help prepare your teeth for the ordeal to come.

Schedule a dental exam

We should all do this twice a year; just before the holidays is a perfect time. Combine this with a deep cleanse and polish. Your oral hygiene needs to be checked.

Brushing your teeth and flossing after every meal and before and after bed?

Do you use mouthwash and how often?

The dentist has the opportunity to examine your teeth and gums carefully. Rapid treatment is always best when there are problems.

Book a thorough clean and polish

Book a deep clean at the local dentist in Varsity Lakes or a dental clinic in your town and your teeth will be fresh and clean, which is ideal as both Christmas and New Years often mean you would socialize.

Being up close in encounters requires doing our best. There is still time to book a laser teeth whitening treatment. With this effective treatment, which uses a special gel combined with precise laser light that activates the whitening process, you can achieve several shades of whiter.

Antiseptic mouthwash

You will likely be visiting family and friends over the holidays. That includes eating a number of great foods that are not so good for our oral wellbeing. Trapped foods feed bacteria, and that's where tooth decay starts.

Take a small bottle of antiseptic mouthwash with you and rinse it off after every snack or meal. This also keeps your breath fresh.

Watch what you eat

This is time for all types of foods, and that includes bones and nuts; Be careful not to bite into something hard and you should have a carefree vacation experience.

Be aware that red wine and coffee stain our teeth and thorough cleaning after the New Year is a good idea.

Daily oral hygiene routine

Prevention is much better than cure. With good oral hygiene, your teeth and gums should be fine.

Using dental floss is an essential consideration as it removes small particles of food that are trapped between our teeth. Don't forget to floss after every meal and before and after bed.

If you haven't seen your dentist in a long time, now is the time for an exam and professional cleaning, then it's time to enjoy the festivities.

Your dentist will be happy to see you and if there are any minor problems, prompt treatment is recommended.


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