Eat Local and Be Healthy

Eat Local and Be Healthy

Eating Local is the best way to help your country’s economy – this is the first thought that came to my mind ! While doing MBA we were taught that Standardization brings the cost of a product down and Customization is expensive !

In terms of food, Customization can be expensive in case of a Standardized item. Confused ? Well, let me elucidate.

When you go to McDonalds, you ask extra cheese in your burger, they make your bill FAT and you too ! When you order Dominoes pizza and ask for Cheeseburst crust or more toppings , you pay more ! These are standardized items that charge you more when you request for customization. Not true for local food though !

I had to eat lunch in my Office cafetaria a few times when I could not cook. I paid for a full meal and asked the vendor to give me this more and that less. He obliged with a smile. Next day, he offered me to return half the money back since I had just taken few veggies and salad for lunch while I paid for the entire meal 😉

Eat Local and Be Healthy

This was how customization makes local food cheaper….errr healthier ! I did not customize to save money but to save me from gaining few pounds.

I customize a lot of things when my cravings win for the time being and I cheat ! I ask my Panipuri wale bhaiya not to put potato in pani puris. When I eat bhel(safest amongst lot of chaat items), I ask the guy not to put sev in bhel.

This customization comes at no extra cost ! You may say that I reduce the quantity of food I take and pay full, why won’t the sellers be happy ? Not true always !

At the salad bar, I always yell ..errr tell “Greek salad with extra feta cheese , no bread ” ! Cheese is expensive than bread , agreed ? You can always cheat and still satiate your sweet tooth or chaat yearning 😀 . Just choose smartly, whatever you eat !

Eating local food has a lot of other advantages. Eating local means eating seasonal. This simply means that you are eating as per nature. The fruit that is meant to be eaten in summers,you are eating in summers and not all year round ! This saves you from cold storage foods or foods treated with preservatives.

Eat Local and Be Healthy1

Eating natural is the only way to health and weight loss. Eating local is the easiest way to eating natural !

Any thoughts ?

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