Everything You Need to Know About Pediatric Home Health


Do you know that a few pediatric patients recovering from a serious illness do not necessarily have to stay hospitalized?

They can receive the best medical treatment in the place they are most comfortable in (home).

Surprisingly, the medical treatment is given by professionals and happens to be the same as given in hospitals.

Sounds promising?

Want to know more about it?

If the answer is yes, it’s the pediatric home health care that provides the medical services at home.

Now let’s get to know the rest in detail;

Types of pediatric Home Health 

There are a few types of Pediatric Home Health care in Atlanta, these home care agencies specialize in providing one or two services.

Therefore, whenever you have to hire a Pediatric home health care, you have to consider the type. Pediatric Nursing, Pediatric Occupational Therapy, Pediatric Physical Therapy, Pediatric Oncology, Pediatric Palliative Care, Pediatric Infusion, Pediatric Medical Equipment, Neonatal Care, and Childhood Asthma Treatment are the few common types of Pediatric Home Health.

What is Pediatric home health care for? 

At the moment, Pediatric home health care is only for a few cases such as premature babies born between 24 to 32 weeks of gestation, children and infants with gastronomy, and cardiac, chronic, respiratory, and Neurological issues.

What treatments and services are received in Pediatric home health? 

Pediatric in home health Services

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Pediatric home health provides excellent treatment for the following common chronic and severe conditions;

  • Developmental disorder
  • Serious injury surgery
  • Cardiac disease
  • Chronic pulmonary or respiratory illness
  • Neurodegenerative disease
  • Childhood cancer
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Respiratory conditions
  • Complications from prematurity

Besides medical treatment, here are the few services the professionals provide;

  • Personal care
  • Family education, support, and training
  • Mobility and transfer assistance

Who provides the treatment? 

A team of well-qualified and trained professionals provides treatment to the patients. The team includes registered nurses, speech pathologists, physical therapists, nutritionists, personal care aides, home health aides, medical social workers, etc.

Benefits of Pediatric Home Health 

There are a variety of benefits of Pediatric Home Health, a few worth mentioning are;

  • The patient recovers in the most comfortable environment; home
  • It takes the burden off the family’s shoulder
  • It is less expensive than hospital care
  • Improves the chances of recovery
  • The patient is allowed to live with the family which is not possible otherwise
  • The patient receives undivided attention and care 

What are the Government Healthcare Programs that support Pediatric Home Health? 

Even though Pediatric Home Health is slightly cheaper than hospital treatment yet it burns a hole in the patient heirs’ pocket. However, there are a few families that can benefit from the Government.

The following Government Healthcare programs support Pediatric Home Health;

  • Supplemental Security Income Or SSI
  • Medically Dependent Children Program or MDCP
  • Comprehensive Care Program Or CCP.

Is Pediatric Home Health worth it? Should I try it? 

Yes, Pediatric Home Health care is worth the money, time, and energy. You should try it if you want your loved one to recover in the comfort of his own home surrounded by the family.

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