Got 2 Minutes? Here’s Exactly How You Can Improve Your Health

Virtually everything we do exposes us to respiratory viruses daily, if not hourly. And honestly, the thought of that can be super stressful!

Luckily for us, there is a guaranteed way to protect ourselves from 99,9 % of viruses – a way to try and avoid colds and flu – whatever the season. Best part? It only takes two minutes!

How To Improve Your Health In 2 Minutes

Meet VirX! VirXTM Nasal Spray, with its unique dual mechanism spray bottle, creates a physical barrier so that viruses cannot penetrate respiratory cells and which also contains nitric oxide that acts by killing the viruses that may enter the nasal cavity, thus preventing infection. VirXTM is clinically proven to kill 99,9 % of viruses within just 2 minutes! (1,2)

One solution, two sprays per nostril, three times a day. (1) It’s that simple!

How Can You Use VirXTM?

VirXTM should be administered before and after suspected exposure to viruses – at work, school, socialising, traveling, sports events, shopping centres and any other high-risk environments. (1)

If you already have an infection, VirXTM reduces the severity of your infection and helps you recover sooner. VirxTM is also safe and effective in preventing you from transmitting viruses and spreading infection to others. (2)

The great part is that VirxTM Nasal Spray is not a medicine and does not cause drowsiness (1) so you can get on with living your best life. Plus, it’s suitable for use in adults and children 12 years and older (1) and is available from leading pharmacies.

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*In Partnership With VirX

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