Gym Diet Plan for Weight Loss for Males (Indian Menu)

Gym Diet Plan for Weight Loss for Males (Indian Menu). Sounds good right ? If you are one of those who give their best at the gym for getting that ripped and shaped body, however, just working out hasnt done much good to you, then you may consider this diet chart.

Gym Plan for Weight Loss for Males

Gym Diet Plan for Weight Loss for Males


Cardio workout plays a very important role in any exercise programme. It is also known as aerobic exercise. It helps to increase your heart rate and keep the blood pumping. This helps in burning of fat. Use an elliptical or treadmill or a stair stepper for cardio exercises. Minimum 20 minutes of cardio is necessary to give any effective results.

Gym Diet Plan for Weight Loss for Males

Losing weight leads to saggy muscles and skin. To avoid such thing weight training in moderation is always good. Weight training helps to tone muscles and keep the skin tight. This will also burn fats and calories. Take up weight training thrice a week to give desired result. Spread out weight training exercises for all the body parts in whole week.

  • High intensity interval training:

Gym Diet Plan for Weight Loss for Males

This is an intense cardio workout. It helps to burn calories and lose weight effectively in a short span of time. It consists of intense bouts of exercise to elevate your heart rate, followed by 15 seconds of rest. Hence it consumes less time. These exercises include butt kicks, lunges, burprees, mountain climbers, planks, jumping squats etc. Do any of the exercise for 45 seconds followed by 15 seconds rest. You can repeat the workout for 20 minutes and you are done for the day.

Duration of Workout for weight loss

For desired weight loss it is recommended to perform cardio workout at least thrice a week. In between the cardio days you can perform weight training that will give extra benefits. The minimum duration for workout is 20 minutes. However, the ideal workout time for a weight loss effect is 45 – 60 mins.

Gym Diet Plan for Weight Loss for Males 

Here are some details on all the nutrients that you must consider in your gym diet plan for weight loss for males.


Carbohydrates provide fuel to the body. It prevents body from exhaustion and replenishes muscles. Consume low GI whole grains and cereals that will prevent weight gain. Select from any whole grain cereal, millets, whole fruits and vegetables, quinoa or oats. Try and consume only one type of cereal at a time in your meal.


Fiber is necessary to avoid any GI issues. It helps in cutting down of fat absorption from the stomach. It keeps you full for longer period of time thus preventing any hunger pangs. The chewing required for the fiber signals the brain accurately to stop eating when the stomach is full. Consume whole grain cereals, fiber fortified products, whole fruits and vegetables, methi seeds or isabgol as and when required.


Proteins become an integral part when you start working out in a gym. Protein helps in rebuilding of the body cells. Protein along with carbohydrates replenishes muscles. Proteins prevent muscle soreness and also help in building muscles. All the extra protein you consume in form of protein powders gets stored in the muscles. It is advisable to consume protein powders with the profession guidance only or else it will damage the body organs. Consume good quality proteins like egg, poultry, fish, low fat milk and products, and soy. Include dals, pulses, sprouts and legumes too. Try and consume protein rich recipe in each meals which will help in weight loss.


Good quality fat in moderation is necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Many hormones and body processes require fat for the storage and utilization. Few vitamins are fat soluble which means they are absorbed and stored better with consumption of fat. Include groundnut oil, cannola oil, ricebran oil or olive oil in your daily diet. You can consume up to 2 to 3 teaspoons of visible fat each day.

Vitamins and minerals:

Any vitamin or mineral deficiency might occur if you follow a fad or crash diet. Vitamin and minerals are required in very minute quantities but play a major role in bodily functions. Consume whole fruits and vegetables, nuts and dry fruits to fulfil the daily requirement of vitamins and minerals.


Fluid intake is directly co-related with the workout you do. In between your exercises keep sipping on water to avoid dehydration. Adequate fluid intake helps to eliminate waste from the body as well as prevent soreness of muscles post workout. Avoid any sports drink during workout as it is loaded with sugar. Try and consume plain water during workouts.

Important Tips for Gym Workout

  • Have a small pre-workout snack like a fruit or date before workout
  • During workout keep sipping on water
  • If you consume protein powders, then split the amount into half, consume half before workout and half after workout
  • Gradually increase the intensity or exercises for prolonged effect of weight loss

Gym Diet Plan for Weight Loss for Males (Indian Menu)

Here is a Sample indian menu of gym diet plan for weight loss for males.

Before workout: 1Fruit or 1 soaked dates (soaked overnight) + 2 almonds + 2 walnuts or ½ serving protein shake

After workout: ½ serving Protein shake or 2 eggwhites or 40 gms Masala Paneer or pepper paneer

Breakfast: 1 Bowl rolled oats with milk/ Daliya porridge/ Vegetable Quinoa upma

Mid – morning: 1 cup Green tea or 1 glass Green juice

Lunch: 1 cup Salad + 2 Chapati + 1 cup Vegetables + 1 cup Dal or Sprouts

Mid – afternoon: 1 glass Buttermilk

Evening: 1 cup Tea or coffee + 1 cup Kurmura or 1 Khakra or ½ cup Boiled Chana or Sprouts

Dinner: 1 bowl meal – Burrito bowl with brown rice or Sprout with green salad and curd or 3 vegetable filled mung dal chilla

Bed time: 1 cup Turmeric milk ( no sugar)


End note:

Always remember to take professional guidance for working out in gym and to follow appropriate diet. Only a little bit dedication as well as discipline will help you achieve your target weight loss. Hope this Gym Diet Plan for Weight Loss for Males (Indian Menu), proves to be of help to you. You can avail our personalized diet plan service by emailing us at

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