Health Tips For Karwa Chauth Fast

Karwa Chauth Fast is observed by Hindu women for their husbands long life. This is observed throughout India and particularly in the northern and western parts of the country where this ritual is believed to have originated.

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The fast one

This day turns out to be very demanding and for many people it is detrimental to health. It is easier said than done to deprive our bodies of food and water all day. So, for those who are doing this at the expense of their health … be careful.

I suffer from stomach problems, acidity and nausea if I don't eat on time … and then follow the headache, the low blood pressure, the low temperature, the weakness … aah !!! The list is long. Fasting has always been a nightmare for me. I've worked a lot at home, what to eat and what not, what to and don't do … to stay fit and healthy during and after the fast.

Karva Chauth health tips_2Go to the tips….

Before fasting:

  • Eat light foods so you don't feel lousy and sluggish all day
  • Avoid sweet and sugary foods in the morning or the night before you fast, as sugary foods can make your hunger worse.
  • Eat a good amount of fruits, especially pomegranates, as these provide nutrients to the body and help you fight health problems.
  • Consume dairy products like homemade paneer as these are high in protein and will keep you feeling full longer.
  • Ingest some nuts as these are a good source of energy and will help you stay out of the water all day.
  • Drink enough water to stay hydrated throughout the day.
  • Good night's sleep … the most important part of health care. Lack of sleep leads to an imbalance in hunger hormones and makes you all the more hungry.

During fasting:

  • Engage with friends and family.
  • Make an appointment in your favorite spa or salon and let yourself be pampered.
  • Do some energy-saving chores at home to keep yourself busy and take your attention away from the hungry tummy.

For those who eat fruit and consume water …

  • Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. Having a glass or two of lukewarm water will certainly help.
  • Avoid tea on an empty stomach as it can increase the acid problem.
  • You can have a glass of lemonade with salt sometime before the evening.

Breaking the fast:

  • Avoid consuming tea or coffee immediately after breaking the fast.
  • Some fruit juice will help you.
  • Avoid oily and heavy foods at all costs. It will only make your stomach and acid problem worse. And you feel restless all night and feel miserable the next day.
  • Also, avoid spicy foods for the same reasons.
  • Eat slowly and chew properly. Don't eat in a hurry. It can cause indigestion.
  • Also, avoid heavy meals the next day and give your digestive system time to return to normal.

These tips are sure to benefit all of you once you have a Karva Chauth with a healthy fit and fine health conditions.

Health Tips for Karwa Chauth FastWish you all a very happy and wonderful Karva Chauth. May God bless us all … and give us the love and care of our dear Hubby boys.

A word also for the husbands:

A big thank you to all the Hubbys who are going to fast for their wives…. In this male-dominated society, the value and respect of women has plummeted. By fasting for your women, you not only make them happy, but you also recognize how much you respect her and what she is doing for you. Our society, religion, and culture do not list a fast that a husband should do for the good of his wife, but the list of fasts for women for their husband and family is endless. You, gentlemen, really deserve thanks … a ray of hope for all women …

Are you ready for Karwa Chauth quickly?

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