Healthy Dinner Options For Weight Loss

If you've read my weight loss story, you may have noticed that I lost a good amount of weight monitoring my dinner. If you are trying to lose weight, dinner plays a very important role. If you can control the nighttime seizures, you can win the battle against weight loss. Believe me, I've been there and I know it's not easy, especially in India where dinner is considered family time. But if you can change your eating habits, you can lose weight more easily.

Healthy dinner options for weight loss

When I started feeding I had no one to guide me and I just followed what I heard. It was around this time that I came across the saying "eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a peasant, and dinner like a poor" and decided to make this my mantra. But I made an unhealthy choice here … instead of eating like a poor man, I started skipping dinner. It was one of the worst mistakes. I lost weight by skipping dinner, but it affected my BMR and stamina, and also led to issues like chronic acidity. I wouldn't suggest to any of you skipping your meals, please never do that. Instead, you can switch to healthier dinners and try to have dinner early. Here are some changes you can make during your dinner to help you lose weight.

Healthy dinner options for weight loss


  • Reduce the portion size. That said, if you eat two chapatis you can cut down to one.
  • Have salads and light vegetables as these are more filling and lower in calories. Light vegetables mean green vegetables like Ghia / Lauki (bottle protection), Tinda, Tauri, and more. They are low in calories and are nutritious. You can also have bhindi / okra or a small bowl of paneer bhurji. Mixed vegetables wrapped in a wheat chapati are also filling and nutritious.
  • When I say salad, I don't mean the stuff that is served in the subway or other restaurants. It simply refers to raw fresh vegetables. Never use frozen vegetables or use dressings. If you want to add some flavor, you can make a dip out of cottage cheese or use a teaspoon of hummus or homemade salsa. No matter which dip you use, make sure you don't go overboard.
  • If you prefer continental, you can use a slice of multigrain bread and add vegetables. You can add spices, grill and have that. Clear soup and a slice of multigrain bread are also good options for dinner.

Healthy Dinner Options For Weight Loss India

  • If you have had a heavy lunch and want to skip dinner, it is better to eat fruits like apple or pear. Do not add spices. The fruits ensure water retention and help maintain weight.
  • When eating legumes like kali dal, avoid heavy preparation. You can choose mixed vegetables and tandoori roti instead. If possible have Paneer Tikka or Sizzler (yup, I mention it too often … LOVE it J). Non-vegetarians can opt for Chicken Sizzler or have lean meat that is easy to prepare. I personally avoid eating out during dinner, but when I go out for weddings I stick to the live counters and have Mediterranean where I ask the chef to add more veggies. Sometimes I choose Italian and have wheat noodles (wherever possible) with red sauce preparation and more vegetables.
  • If you're shopping late, a slice of multigrain sandwich with no cheese and dressing can also be a good option. You can stop on the subway and enjoy a 6-inch multigrain salad sandwich with a touch of vinaigrette dressing.

These are some dinner options that can help you with your weight loss regime. However, this can only work well if you have an early dinner. Try to finish your dinner between 6:30 PM and 7:00 PM. If you get hungry later, you can drink a glass of plain milk with a fruit around 9 p.m. Personally, I prefer papaya as it helps digestion and is good for people who are constipated. Avoid going late at night. When you are hungry, drink water first, then see if you still want to eat. Sometimes we confuse thirst and hunger. Drinking water can help you feel full and make sure you don't deviate from your plan.

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