Here’s What Your Perfume Should Be, According To The Zodiac

Should you be choosing your signature perfume based on your zodiac sign? We say why the hell not?

If the smell you’re meant to emulate is written in the stars, then heed the advice of Cape Town astrologer Nicole Lauren Smith, who says that the scent you choose is a reflection of your personality. If you’re drawn to something fresh with citrus undertones, you’re energetic and easily excited. “Taking the time to understand what you’re likely to prefer based on your astrological sign will make choosing a scent so much easier.”

Geraldine Augustine-Darwood from perfume brand Gold Series says that if listening to Zodiac intuition can help with selecting a perfume, then she’s all for it. “The consumer these days is inundated with fragrances and the choices are endless. Using zodiac insights, you might be able to narrow down the top, middle or base notes that work better with your personality, making the overall decision much easier.

Nicole L Smith outlines what scent you should be looking for, based on your sign:


You are the trailblazer of the Zodiac, fiercely fiery and independent with an appetite for action, bold moves and new beginnings.  Spicy scents of cinnamon or nutmeg sustain your zest for life and keep your fires ablaze.

Bvlgari Omnia Eau de Parfum

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A true sensation seeker, Taurus, the more you delight your senses, the more you access your rich, earthy sensuality.  True quality is the only luxury.  Damascena rose is the fragrance for an embodied Goddess of Love. Gold Series Forever Red would suit the Taurus best with Ylang Ylang and Rose top notes to delight the senses.

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Gemini, the realms of the intellect are your playground.  You’re adaptable, adept at wit and cunning with words.  Lavender alerts the joyful trickster in you, bringing sweet clarity to all that you express.

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Your presence, Cancer, like the primordial waters of life, envelops others, fills their cups, and nourishes their souls. The milky notes of passionflower are a soothing scent to facilitate, drawing in others to the sanctuary that is you. 


Confidence, passion and hearty charm are the Leo trademarks.  Born to shine, your golden aura exudes regal authority.  A natural leader, comfortable in the spotlight needs a big scent.  Rosemary or citrus fan your flames and amplify your essential radiance. Augustine-Darwood recommends that men try Privé Pour Homme from the Gold Series range with top notes of lemon and grapefruit. To complement his scent, she recommends Gold Series Gold perfume with top notes of lemon, perfect for the leo couple.


Virgo, your habits are meticulous, your style is immaculate.  Quietly sensual, your refined tastes are grounded in fine and exact details.  Your powers of discernment are a good match with fennel’s crisp notes of sweet earthiness and liquorice.

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Libra, you’re an artist at heart, dancing harmony, speaking love, connecting with soulmates.  Your charm is a magnetic, infused with the joy of being alive.  Red clover’s sweet herbal fragrance unlocks pleasure and accentuates beauty.

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You’re the detective of the Zodiac, Scorpio, operating best behind the scenes or deep undercover.  Smoulderingly intense, quietly passionate and magnetic, authenticity is your love language.  Basil’s sharp and lingering sweetness mirrors your powerful allure. Basil is a key middle note in Gold Series Infinity with gorgeous Bergamot top notes. 

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The eternal adventurer, Sagittarius, distant horizons call you and adventure warms your blood.  Optimistic and expansive, your philosophy of life is to enjoy, learn and keep moving.  You’re drawn to sages’ musky, green aroma, stirring memories of ancient pilgrimage.

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Capricorn, you have the air of a connoisseur, drawn to the tried and tested and the best of what tradition has to offer.  You’re also steadily ambitious, sometimes serious but always successful.  The woodsy and citrus tones of pine are the scents of calm and stability. 

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Paradiso by Roberto Cavalli

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A humanitarian at heart, Aquarius, you prefer to remain true to self, cool, calm and collected.  Your perspectives are unique if not left-field and you need the freedom to walk to the beat of your own drum.  Drawn to the off-beat and sometimes unusual, you’d resonate with the light zestiness of poppy.

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Pisces, you are renowned for your infinite compassion and poetic soul.  You are gentle, kind, fuelled by faith and a deep connection to the cosmos.  Ancient perfumes like frankincense and myrrh conjure memories of past lives and sacred paths.

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