How Certain Healthy Foods Could Be Making Bloating Worse

Beyond the speed at which you’re noshing on a delicious meal, the ingredients you’re including could also play a major role in how your stomach feels after eating. Of course, heavily processed foods can mess with your body, but there are even healthy foods that could spark some frustration as you digest. 

“Overdoing fiber can create bloating,” board-certified internist, Vincent Pedre, M.D. previously told mbg. “While dietary fiber is great for your gut, increasing the amount too quickly can become a problem. If that’s the case, slow down and add fiber gradually.” (Here are some good guidelines on how to introduce fiber slowly and sustainably.)

Other common culprits of bloating include dairy and legumes, particularly if your body struggles to break down these foods, says Pedre. “For these people, I use an elimination diet to remove potentially problematic foods,” he suggests. “We then carefully reintroduce those foods, one at a time, to pinpoint what is contributing to the bloating.” Of course, if this is something you’d like to try, be sure to reach out to a health practitioner for guidance and support.

Targeting bloating really comes down to listening to what your body is trying to tell you, so even if you’re eating a largely “healthy” diet, it can be useful to take note of foods that are repeatedly causing issues.

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