How To Keep A Clear Complexion During Holiday Stress & Travel

I don't know about you, but my skin doesn't take vacation or special occasions lightly. For a few days after the celebration, my skin is often, not always, but often blotchy, inflamed, angry. Skin is a complicated, nuanced, and complex organ – one in which a blemish or rash can have several confusing triggers.

Here's why my skin capital F fails in the week after the holiday season – and why probably your problem too: It's a messy combination of indulgent eating, added stress, a thrown up daily rhythm, and not diligent skin care. Then when you add travel, you have a host of other problems including but not limited to time zone changes, recycled airplane air (when you fly), dry car air (when you drive), and skin care swaps with travel versions and even sleeps on new pillowcases.

This is all an absolute mess, especially if your skin is sensitive to begin with.

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