How To Manage Hectic Worklife And Lose Weight

How To Manage Hectic Worklife And Lose Weight

Hi all,

So I have joined a new work place, the new work place is a Big tax company, the new place 20 kms far from my home, the new job is very demanding, I’m newly married, I need to go back and manage the house, we are in a new city. So is that my excuse to pile on kilos, not exercise, eat to my heart’s content, put on weight. Well to an extent, yes I am finding it extremely difficult to take time out for exercise. And my mother recently retorted that I have put on some tiny miny amount of weight L But she is always honest with me, so I have no hard feelings but I am disheartened.

So how am I managing work plus health these days, some simple things I am doing, and in future I am planning to go ahead with a strict exercise routine.

Let me tell you some quick points to follow, if you are in the same dilemma too:

How To Manage Hectic Worklife And Lose Weight

1. Carry meals to office

I know this maybe like a nightmare to some, but in India, you can get people to work for you. So ask a maid to come as early as possible, cook simple meals, seasonal vegetables, daals, rice, chappatis, homemade hot breakfast. If this is not possible, prepare something in the night to carry the next day, you can heat and enjoy.

How To Manage Hectic Worklife And Lose Weight

I do not like bulk made food, which are available in office cafeterias, they are robbed of essential nutrition. Thus, eat home cooked simple meals are lot better.  I enjoy homemade desi ghee paranthas sometimes. 🙂

2. Take stairs instead of lifts/elevators

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My office is on the 4th floor, there is no main stair case as such, so that’s out of question. But my house is on the 3rd floor, so I avoid the lift totally, the gym I have joined is also on the 4th floor, I climb them all the way. It ensures my knees don’t ditch me when I am old. Walk the office way if its safe and close to your place.

3. Stock up your home with all quick making ingredients

I purchase easy to cook brown rice, have invested in a vegetable chopper (electric), multigrain atta (made by me), dough kneader (food processor), green vegetables. So I never run out of options, sometimes the maid does not turn up, I don’t feel handicapped, I quickly whip some health rice and vegetable raita, I will share the recipe soon. You all will love it.

I even get some home made sweets done to curb the sugar cravings, like gur dalia a delicacy enjoyed here in Maharashtra, besan ladoos, so that I give my husband a wholesome meal. Its way better that calorie laden pastries and commercially made sweets, I enjoy all of this at home and eat them occasionally.

4. Learn to cook

This is an important tip, if you want to loose weight, it’s rather no shame. I proudly tell every one that I can cook. I love to cook. After all a way to man’s heart is through his stomach, I  am not saying that we don’t eat out at all, but we celebrate occasions and go out then, like anniversaries, getting selected in interviews 😉 , etc.

 5. Carry small snack meals to office

I have small boxes, I carry small meals in them. I am a big advocate of eating at regular intervals; I carry nuts, fruits, some breakfast leftovers, like poha, sevian, upma and I eat in when I am hungry during the mid day or evening. I do that for Husband also now 😉

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6. Give time to yourself

I understand jobs can be taxing :p specially like mine, but I have made it a point that I will give at least one hour to myself for exercising. I have invested in wrist weights, yoga mats for keeping up with yoga at home till I shift out. (I will shift soon to a place closer to the office), yes I have the luxury to shift out. I recall at my old office, one of my colleagues stayed really far and had a permanent home there. She could not do anything about it, so she decided she needed to come to office in time and leave in time.

Get a life, if others don’t have it, go to hell 😀

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing for you all.

 Love always,


How to do you manage your work life and lose weight ? Share with us

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