How To Prevent Cellulite Formation

How To Prevent Cellulite Formation

Have you ever seen dimpled area on your thighs or any other body parts? If yes, then that is cellulite read on to know more about it and if No, good going girl but do read on to prevent it in future.

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Cellulite Formation is a condition in which the fat deposits underneath skin, causing dimpled and lumpy appearance. Though this is not a disease but it is something to be concerned off. It is an alarming stage that points out to your unhealthy body.

Before actually knowing the tips to reduce cellulite, one should know what causes it.
Thought there is no proven cause for the same but there are many speculations which can be explained as the reasons behind.

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  1. Poor Diet: This is an obvious and familiar reason. No-brainer, you know it all.

  2. Hormonal Changes: This is most common reason. It is said that puberty is stage at which there are maximum chances of cellulite and also, after a certain age one starts to see cellulite formation, owe it to hormonal effects.

  3. Genetics:  Certain genes are required for cellulite and if you posses them, you are more prone to cellulite.

  4. Lifestyle Factors: Now this along with poor diet mentioned in point 1 includes smoking frequently and those who do exercise.

How To Prevent Cellulite Formation

Below I am listing down few ways to prevent cellulite or getting rid of it if you already ‘own’ it.


Most important pointer. If you exercise well then there are almost negligible chances that you will have any kind of fat deposition. But it has to be complemented with clean diet else there is no use of exercise since no weight loss hence fat deposition is not affected.

Cellulite formations is predominantly on buttocks and thighs, and if you are one of them then practice lunges, squats and aerobics religiously to ditch the cellulite.

Balanced Diet

Clean eating is what I am stressing again and again. Eat clean and well balanced diet, meaning high fibre low fat diet.

Skin Care

In some people Cellulite is not due to health issues but due to skin issues. So take care of your skin well. One effective way to do this is use Coffee Scrubs. Moisten the skin, rub coffee granules on cellulite prone area for few minutes and rinse off. This would help in reducing its appearance.

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Cut Toxins

Cut out toxins like tobacco, alcohol, caffeine and highly processed food. Go for detoxification once a while to clean your system and also do not forget about water. Drink more and more water which will detoxify your system, reduce weight and will make you cellulite free !! Simple.

Lots of Anti-oxidants

Hog onto antioxidants in form of green leafy vegetables and fruits. Eat them like there is no tomorrow. Along with cellulite reduction, they are good for your health and skin. One more item which is rich in antioxidants is our beloved Green Tea. It has hell lot of benefits but do not over consume it after all it is a tea. Go for more natural supplies of Anti-oxidants.

Avoid Cellulite Formation Foods

One word for cellulite formation food is JUNK. Avoid fried food, high salt and sugar food and alcohol.

Cut Salt and Sugar

Salt is the cause for bloating which bleaches your body of water and makes way for toxins. In short does no good, so cut it off as much as you can. Coming to sugar, it increases fat deposition which activates cellulite.

Healthy Weight Loss

Always opt for long term healthy weight loss, which includes Clean Eating and exercising. Any other short term weight loss programs like “Loose 7kgs in 1 week” are an open invitation to torturing your body along with all the lumpy and dimpled body parts which will be ugly to look at.

Do you have some more tips to share on cellulite prevention ?

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