Hyping fitness with the new Skechers HyperBurst Shoes (A Review)

Hyping fitness with the new Skechers HyperBurst Shoes (A Review)

The sunny month of June is upon us, and amongst the excitement of celebrating my upcoming birthday, this year, it is all the more special. The newest member of our family, my Son-in-Law, also happens to be my Gemini Twin. I wanted to send him a surprise birthday gift but wasn’t sure of what to send. That is when, I decided to make use of all the innate detective skills that are so typical of all moms, with the help of my daughter acting as mole 😀 Viola! Soon I received pictures of Skechers HyperBurst shoes which my son in law was hunting for. Being a runner, what else could I expect from my avid marathon runner son-in-law? So his favourite shoe got delivered soon and as someone who is very particular about his shoes, I thought of making use of this occasion for my blog. Not skipping the opportunity, I asked him to give his own review about what makes him pick this choice amongst the variety of running shoes present in the market (and online). Let me show you what he got… well some of you might find its color too bright but I feel a bright shoe always sets the mood to workout.

What makes a good running shoe

Running also demands a lot of your body as it is one of the highest impact and intense forms of physical activity. When you run, the momentum generates a lot of force. Sometimes it can be up to 5 times our body weight! Imagine how our feet strike the ground every time our weight-bearing joints have to absorb this force. The shock from this impact is felt in the feet. It then travels up the spine, which can cause stress and strain on the joints, leading to pain and injury.

Running shoes provide substantial midsole foot cushioning, offer arch support, prevent injuries, and promote improved athletic performance. A pair of good shoes must also cater to your specific running gait. In the cases when you land more heavily on your midfoot or heel when you run. This can effectively reduce pain and joint strain when running. 

Another thing that I have realized is that if you have flat feet, you surely need to be very careful about your workout and fitness footwear as you do not have a prominent arch. (that is why my son in law is never happy with running shoes available in the market as he has to take care of his flat feet). Coming back to the shoes for flat feet, this arch is the distance between the ball of the foot and the heel when one is standing. Given that flat feet offer greater flexibility, one needs shoes that provide motion control. No wonder you want to have strong heel support and sturdy foam for the middle of your foot.‌

Finally after using Skechers HyperBurst Shoes, here’s the review about my son-in-law’s shoe that he peculiarly picked up. 

Skechers HyperBurst Shoes (A Review)

“Since childhood, I’ve had trouble finding appropriate footwear. On top of quickly growing into size 12, having flat feet (a condition where the natural arches of your foot’s sole don’t develop) didn’t help either.

Getting a footwear off the rack was not an option. From uncomfortable footwear to having no footwear available at all, I’ve faced it all. Naturally, for all the aforementioned reasons, I could never strike a balance between comfort and fun when running/jogging. That was until COVID happened, and I was forced to take stock of my aerobic capacity and my health in general.

I decided to give running a try. And the first (and albeit the most important) step was to find a good trainer shoe. My wife being a Skechers fan, we decided to visit their store. After a few minutes of looking and.. lo and behold… Go Run Ride 9!

Off the rack size 12, and with an airy thick HYPERBURST foam midsole gives it a curved rocker shape design that can comfortably support my flat feet and cushion the peak force of my six feet heavy frame.

The outsole has been designed by Goodyear (yes, the tyre-making brand!), so you can be rest assured about their durability. Also provides great traction on the rain-soaked Mumbai roads!

Running in them feels so light on the knees, and I am able to maintain my gait and stride without any discomfort. These are perfect for long-distance jogging/running! The breathable mesh on the upper meant no smelly socks! My only complaint is that they could’ve offered more design/color variants. But all in all, a great investment!”

Oh, btw did I tell you that you can buy these shoes online too from here…

I am so much in love with the look of this shoe that I have decided to change my old walking shoe and start using this for my daily brisk walks. So soon you will find me posting another review of another shoe by our family’s favorite shoe brand, Skechers. Till then stay fit, and active.

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