Indian Diet Plan for Asthma ( Asthama Diet Chart, Food list )

Asthma is a lung disorder where it becomes difficult to breathe or gasping of breath. It is because of inflammation of lungs along with constriction of air passage and collection of mucus. Indian diet plan for asthma ( Asthama diet chart as well as Asthama food list ).

You will never know how much you value your breath until you can’t breathe. Once you have asthma it’s for life. May be you might have experienced it as a kid but it can revisit you anytime. With stress asthma may become worse.

What is Asthma?

During normal breathing the air moves easily in the air passage. But during asthma there is constriction of airways, production of mucus and also inflammation of the airways. The swelling and mucus restricts the air flow which results in wheezing sound. This sound generally generates during exhalation.

Signs and Symptoms of Asthma?

  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Wheezing while exhaling
  • Tightening of chest along with extreme pain as well as pressure
  • Coughing that flares during sleep

Types of Asthma

  • Intermittent: Such asthma will flare but also settle in between the attacks
  • Persistent: This asthma has mild, moderate or severe symptoms that last for long durations
  • Adult-onset: It starts after the age of 18
  • Paediatric: It starts before the age of 5 years. This condition at times can be reversibleHowever, it may return with potential triggers around.
  • Exercise-induced asthma: Moderate to high intensity exercise can sometimes trigger asthma attacks
  • Occupational asthma: The occupation that has potential triggers in the surroundings can lead to occupational asthma

Triggers of Asthma

  • Exercise: It can cause bronchospasm
  • Dust mites: Dust mites that are widely spread in the atmosphere can trigger the attack at any time
  • Occupational exposures: Jobs that include bleaching products, minute particles of flour or wood or other chemicals
  • Air pollutants: Carbon monoxide emission, wood smoke, chemical emission from factories can flare up asthma attacks
  • Mold: Damp areas have molds that trigger asthma attacks
  • Stress: Cortisol released during stress triggers asthma attacks
  • Smoking: Smoking causes inhalation of carbon monoxide along with hardening of the lung walls that constricts the airways
  • Pets: Some might be allergic to pet’s hair or dried skin flakes that trigger asthma attacks
  • Certain smells: Some are allergic to certain smells of perfumes or fresheners that trigger asthma flare ups

Treatment for Asthma:

Indian Diet Plan for Asthma ( Asthama Diet Chart , Food list )

  • Bronchodilators: It is first line of treatment. Bronchodilators helps to relax the chest muscles and ease the breathing. It is generally used for chronic asthma. It is either directly given through pumps that release the medicine into the airways or orally.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs: These medicines relieve inflammation and swelling of the airways. It helps easy passage of air in and out of the lungs.

Tips to manage Asthma?

  • Engage into daily exercise to keep your lungs healthy
  • Maintain healthy weight
  • Avoid asthma triggers
  • Practice pranayamas regularly
  • Maintain a healthy diet

Indian Diet Plan for Asthma ( Asthama Diet Chart, Asthma Food list )

There is no specific diet for asthma but there are few key points to keep in mind. The main aim is to focus on prevention of the asthma attacks. Consume diet that is anti-inflammatory, moderate GI, maintains healthy weight as well as reduces inflammation in the body.

Obesity is major risk factor for developing asthma. Diet that is moderate in carbohydrates and proteins as well as low in fat helps keep asthma attacks in check.

Asthma Food List

Low GI foods help to maintain weight. Include whole grains, millets, whole fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds as well as legumes.

With frequent asthma attacks there is lots of wear and tear in the body. You need good quality protein to maintain cell integrity. Proteins also help to reduce weight. Include low fat milk and products, pulses, sprouts, lean meat as well as fish.

Include low saturated, high MUFA and omega 3 rich fats sources in daily diet. Consume flaxseeds, olive oil, walnuts, canola oil, groundnut oil as well as rice bran oil.

  • Anti-inflammatory and antioxidants rich foods:

These foods reduce the inflammation caused by asthma attack. It also helps reduce stress as well as relieves the airways of constriction. Include lots of colourful fruits and vegetables, nuts, seed, green tea and also spices like turmeric, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Vitamin D helps in muscle relaxation as well as it reduces asthma attacks. Sun exposure of 20 minutes before 12 noon is helpful. Also if need be you can have prescribed vitamin D supplements to meet the needs.

Asthma leads to low levels of vitamin A. Sufficient vitamin A in the body regulates lung function as well as eases asthma attack. Include red yellow fruits and vegetables, green leafy vegetables, broccoli, milk and also fish oil.

Potassium helps to relax muscles as well as to reduce the severity of asthma attack. Include various fruits and coconut water in your diet.

Magnesium also helps to maintain muscle integrity. It helps to reduce asthma attack episodes in paediatric patients. Include green leafy vegetables, fish, spinach, pumpkin seeds as well as whole grains.

Vitamin C helps reduce stress as well as it eases the asthma attacks. Include lemon juice, amla, citrus fruits and also sprouts in your meals.

Foods to avoid in Asthma:

  • Sulfites: These are preservatives used in packaged foods. Avoid wine, dried fruits, pickled foods as well as bottled juices.
  • Foods causing bloating: Certain foods make you bloated and hence cause discomfort. Avoid such foods to avoid asthma attacks. Restrict half cooked beans, cruciferous vegetables, carbonated beverages, creamy as well as deep fried foods.
  • Refined foods: Refined as well as starchy foods promote mucus production. To avoid that restrict maida, bananas, refined sugars and also heavy creamy recipes.

Indian Diet Plan for Asthma

Here is a sample of Indian diet plan for Asthma.  Following a diet similar to this Indian diet plan for Asthma will help in avoiding asthma attacks.

Sample diet plan:

Empty stomach: 1 glass Spinach amla juice

Breakfast: 1 cup Ragi porridge with dates and walnuts + 1 cup Hibiscus tea or green tea

Mid-morning: 1 fruit (100 -1 50 gms)

Lunch: 1 cup Salad +2-3  Multigrain Roti + 1 cup Vegetables + 1 cup Dal + 1 glass Buttermilk

Snacks: 1 cup Masala Milk (no sugar) + 1 cup Sprout bhel or 1 cup Vegetable Poha/ Upma

Dinner: 1 cup Vegetable Khichdi + 1 cup vegetable soup + 1 cup Stir fry vegetables

Bedtime: 1 cup Spice Kahwa (cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, saffron, almonds)


End note:

Along with medicines it is lifestyle change that helps to keep the asthma attacks at minimum. A balanced healthy diet, stress management, regular exercise will definitely improve the asthma. Hope this Indian diet plan for Asthma helps you in keeping your health issues at bay. For personalized diet plan write to us at

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