Indian Gym Diet Plan for Weight Loss Female

Who doesn’t like to look and feel fit? But as women, we must have experienced that it is difficult to lose weight beyond a certain limit. By default, females have more fat mass compared to males. This makes it difficult to lose weight in females. Indian gym diet plan for weight loss female.

You need to concentrate more on cardio workout and some strength training to lose fat mass. Losing fat mass makes/ your muscles look weak and skin sagging. For weight loss, toning muscles is as important as losing fat. Gym workouts give you opportunity to lose fat and tone your muscles. The recommendation is three days of cardio workout, 2 days of weight training and 1 day of resistance training.

Gym Workout Plan for Women :

Before we see the Indian gym diet plan for weight loss female, we must take a look at what a workout plan should look like.

Always start your workouts with a warm up session. Warm up session helps with even the blood circulation in the body. It conditions all the muscles and prevents any injury. Make a point to do stretches from head to toe.

More than 20 minutes of cardio workout is necessary to initiate fat breakdown. Initially you can do 20 minutes workout and gradually increase it up to your capacity with professional guidance. You can take up various cardio workouts like:

    • Treadmill: Start with 20 minutes at zero inclination. Gradually increase the speed and inclination as per your comfort and requirement.
    • Elliptical: Just like treadmill, start slow with the elliptical. Always do it under professional supervision to avoid any injury.
    • Zumba workout: Zumba is a combination of dance with exercise. It helps to reduce fats and also tone the body.
    • Cycling: Use either a stationary cycle or the normal cycle. Both have same effect. Start according to your capacity and gradually increase the intensity and time.
    • Which exercise is best for weight loss ?
    • Yoga for weight loss.

Females have been avoiding weight training to not look bulky. Infact weight training is helpful in toning muscles and burn fat mass. Always do weight training with professional guidance. Do not overdo and exhaust the muscles. Always start with warm up for a weight training session too. Divide your weight training days for legs, arms and abs.

Resistance training is done without using any machines or tools but using your own weight. It helps to build stamina, tone the muscles and also burn fat mass. High intensity interval training once a week along with cardio and weight training will give you desired effect.

Workout sessions will help to lose fats but it is difficult to maintain it if your diet is faulty. You need a proper diet regime to compliment your workout to get sustained effect on weight loss.

Indian Gym Diet Plan for Weight Loss Female

Foods to include: Here is a list of allowed foods in an Indian gym diet plan for weight loss female.

The biggest mistake people make while following any diet is to completely stop carbohydrates. You need carbohydrates for energy. While working out if you do not consume enough carbohydrates, it will exhaust the body and lead to muscle breakdown. This in long run will affect the body organs and health. Consume low GI high fiber carbohydrates for weight loss. Select whole wheat, millets, quinoa, whole fruits and vegetables. Avoid any refined flour or sugar for best results. List of Indian foods with complex carbs.

Most of our diets can generally lack in proteins. The non-veg consumption is not on daily basis. The vegetarians often times may not consume enough of the first class protein source except milk and its products. Consuming good quality proteins like dal cereal mix, sprouts, defatted soy, low fat milk and its products, as well as poultry and fish will help.

If the natural food sources lack in proteins you can always take protein supplement. This has to be done strictly under professional supervision or else it can damage your kidneys. Select the protein powder according to your requirement like whey isolates, creatine, peanut or soy based. Consume your protein powders preferably before and after your workouts to get best results. Split the portion into half and consume it pre and post workout. You can either mix the protein powder with water or milk as per the requirement. Read all about protein supplements. 

Fats is important for lubrication of joints and protect your organs by layering around it. Lack of fats might also lead to deficiency of certain fat soluble vitamins like vitamin A, D, E and K. Consume good quality fats in moderation. Include groundnut oil, cannola oil, rice bran oil or olive oil in your diet. Include nuts like almonds, walnuts, and seeds like flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds. cooking oil.

Vitamins and minerals are necessary for the body to recover from the workout. Consume at least 4 – 6 servings of whole fruits and vegetables in a day. You can also consume functional foods like chia seeds, moringa etc for added effects.

Consume plenty of fluids to avoid any muscle soreness after the workout. During workouts keep sipping on water to avoid any dehydration. You can consume infused water for added palatability.

For females calcium and iron deficiency is very common. For strong muscles and bones you need both calcium and iron. Include foods like dates, nachni, sesame, walnuts, dark green leafy vegetables and moringa.

Indian Gym Diet Plan for Weight Loss Female

Sample diet plan:

Empty stomach: 1 glass Jeera water or warm water with lemon or moringa shot

Pre workout:  2 egg whites or ½ scoop protein powder

Post workout: ½ scoop protein powder or 1 no sugar protein granola bar

Breakfast: 1 cup Nachni satva with milk + 1 date + 2 walnut halves or 1 Multigrain vegetable sandwich + 1 cup Milk

Mid-morning: 1 Fruit + 1 teaspoon flaxseed

Lunch: 1 cup Salad + 2 Chapati or millet roti or 1 bowl Brown rice + 1 cup Dal + 1 cup Vegetables + 1 glass buttermilk

Evening: 1 cup yogurt + ½ cup no sugar granola or 1 Brown rice cake crispi or 1 cup Oats porridge

Mid-evening: 1 cup Green tea

Dinner: 1 cup Stir fry vegetables + 1 bowl Sprout salad with daliya or Quinoa
+ 1 cup Curd

Bedtime: 1 cup Turmeric nutmeg Milk

End note:

A regular workout with specific meals will help in healthy weight loss. Do not fall prey to ocean of information available online. Always take professional guidance for sustained results. Indian gym diet plan for weight loss female, helps you  get to your target.

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