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Benzo addiction is a serious condition characterized by the abuse of benzodiazepines, a type of central nervous system depressant.

People who suffer from benzo addiction may experience symptoms such as restlessness, anxiety, impaired judgment and memory, panic attacks, difficulty sleeping, and physical dependence on the drug.

This can lead to dangerous behaviors like driving under the influence or overdosing if not managed properly.

Treatment for benzo addiction usually involves an individualized approach that addresses both physical and psychological needs.

Physical detoxification is often necessary to help manage withdrawal symptoms while therapy helps address underlying issues and develop healthy coping mechanisms.

Benzo Abuse in Texas

Benzo abuse is a growing public health concern in Texas. According to state data, benzodiazepine overdose deaths have been steadily increasing annually since 2011, accounting for 16 percent of all opioid-related overdose deaths in 2020.

Additionally, the rate of emergency room visits related to benzos has increased over the years.

State and local officials are actively responding to this increase by targeting physicians who are overprescribing these drugs and educating the public about their dangers.

In addition, addiction treatment programs have become more accessible across the state to meet the rising demand for help with benzo addiction.

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Reasons for Benzo’s Abuse

People abuse benzos for a variety of reasons, including recreational use or to self-medicate from anxiety, depression, or other conditions.

Other reasons include experimenting, getting high, helping with sleep, increasing/decreasing the effects of other drugs, and relaxing.

However, there are risks associated with misuse such as developing an addiction or tolerance. Taking benzos can also lead to physical dependence resulting in uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms when abruptly stopped.

What is Detox and How Can It Help with Benzo’s Addiction?

Benzo detox is the process of slowly reducing benzo use over time to minimize withdrawal symptoms. During this process, a patient may be administered medications to help manage cravings and reduce anxiety.

Medical professionals also provide support throughout the detox process to ensure that the individual is safe and comfortable.

You should also avoid detoxing alone or “cold turkey”, this could be dangerous and unpredictable. It’s best to rely on professional and quality assistance such as our team at Magnolia City Detox.

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Benzo addiction statistics in TX

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