Injury Free Weight Loss Workout Plan For Beginners

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Weight Loss Training Plan For Beginners To Stay Injury Free

There have been many such occasions where I suffered an injury while trying to exercise outside of my comfort zone. It made me so serious that I had to stay away from any pressure on my neck or feet. That meant no weights or even walks for months. Injury when following a Weight loss training plan for beginners it can be a very serious matter to address. We all start exercising to stay fit, but sometimes we cause health problems due to a lack of attention and guidance. We hurt ourselves from ignorance and negligence.

Today let's talk about some precautionary measures we must take to keep personal injury away. I have learned these things over a long period of time and then applied them in my life. I've been lucky enough to have managed to stay away from injuries since then.

Body parts most susceptible to injury body

Let me start with which parts of the body are most susceptible to injury. We also talk about this as we work out what preventive measures need to be taken to prevent them.

Ankles, knee joints, heels, upper and lower back, shoulder joints and neck, hamstrings and hips are the most vulnerable points on the body that every beginner should be careful of.

If you are a beginner, you need to be aware that in addition to some optional accessories, there are certain mandatory fields that can help you avoid injuries while exercising. I've suffered personally and learned hard. If you make sure to wear the correct safe accessories, you can never sustain serious injury. Still random, if you injure yourself from negligence then you can recover very quickly.

Sports shoes are a mandatory accessory as you should never exercise in flat shoes or slippers. Shoes need to have good cushioning, not a thin base. Your sports shoes must have a cushioned yet flexible base. Nowadays, all of the major brands primarily make foam-based shoes for running purposes. These shoes are a little expensive, but they are sure to last. It is always better to have health as the top priority. Remember, if you tear or break a tendon or joint, you are sure to be paying many times the cost of a good pair of shoes.

Injury Free Weight Loss Training Plan For Beginners "width =" 464 "height =" 580If you make sure to wear the correct safe accessories, you can never sustain serious injury. Photo by Martin Katler on Unsplash

With a good pair of shoes on, your heels, ankles, and tendons are always safe. If in doubt and unsure how to choose your athletic shoes for your particular workout, read here.

The kneecap support is an optional accessory to protect your knees from excessive pressure while exercising. Workouts like jumping or running or deep squats, lunges with decent or heavy weights also require good knee support. People with previous injuries must use a patella brace to protect their joints.

Ankle brace is another important but optional accessory for beginners to stay injury free while following their weight loss training plan. We have seen many beginners complain of ankle pain. If you have ever suffered an ankle injury in the past, consider buying a good quality ankle brace. These are very helpful, but remember to buy lighter ones so that they will fit in your shoes.

Heel support is optional but a must have if you have heel pain for any reason. I always use a pair of silicone gel pillows to secure my heels when walking. I bought a really soft model that fits easily in my shoes and believe me that it really relaxes my heels when exercising, walking or doing all kinds of exercises. If you have heel pain I would certainly recommend using these bandages.

A fitness belt is for fitness enthusiasts with back pain. It helps prevent back problems like herniated discs. Know that when doing free weight exercises you may not need it. Don't buy a heavy belt because a lightweight fitness belt is easy to wear and adjustable.

Hope you enjoyed these few pieces of equipment and would not forget to use them to avoid injury when you started your exercise plan.

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