Innovative and Natural Alcohol Wipes for 2021

With the paranoia that surrounds us during the common quarantine, certain items for disinfecting the body and living areas have temporarily become scarce.

Since most of the people in the world are obsessed with keeping infectious viruses at bay, it has become a good idea that everyone has some type of antiviral / antibacterial hand wipe or solution nearby.

Hand washing is the best way to prevent the spread of disease in most cases, and good hand hygiene can one day save your life or that of a loved one.

Gentle on the skin, highly effective against pathogens

Just like our hand sanitizer, our alcohol wipes are very effective at killing pathogens, including viruses and bacteria.

They are kind to the skin (not in or near the mouth or eyes) and can also be used to disinfect surfaces. Like all of our products, they are cruelty free, vegan, and contain no FDA banned chemicals.

We source our products ethically and consider environmentally friendly habits to be company policy.

"Clean" doesn't have to mean "chemicals".

Dr. Brite is primarily concerned with providing you and your family with the best possible product and service.

We take great pride in using only clean ingredients and medical grade isopropyl alcohol that is 70% concentration at the point of sale (the percentage of alcohol recommended by the CDC for products of this type).

We manufacture and manufacture all of our products in small batches, so each package is carefully formulated to ensure the best possible product and useful results for you and your family.

We are very proud of our relationship with responsible and environmentally friendly suppliers and we attach great importance to sourcing our ingredients in an environmentally friendly manner and ethically.

Our non-perfumed alcohol wipes contain 70% isopropyl alcohol, purified water, hydrogen peroxide, lauric acid and citric acid.

The fragrant varieties also contain natural scented oils, the type of which varies depending on the variety. We do not use harsh detergents or chlorine bleach in the manufacture of this product.

Just to be sure

When using Dr. Brite Alcohol Wipes: Keep away from flames. Keep away from children and pets. Avoid direct contact with eyes or mouth. Avoid direct or prolonged contact with clothing.

Test this product on site on a small area of ​​skin before using as directed to determine possible sensitivity or allergic reactions. Use Dr. Brite Alcohol Wipes should never be used as a diaper towel or near the genitals.

This product is intended for external use only: Do not ingest. Discontinue use immediately and seek medical advice if an allergic reaction occurs (including, but not limited to, rash or hives, local or systemic swelling, difficulty breathing, dizziness, pain, or other serious problems that occur after the onset using this product.)

If non-life-threatening symptoms, such as a small rash, persist for more than 72 hours, discontinue use and seek medical advice.

It's easy to stay healthy with natural alcohol wipes

Keeping your home and workplaces hygienic doesn't have to be difficult. If there is no soap and water, Dr. Brite Natural Alcohol Wipes still stay clean and protected from contamination.

70% isopropyl alcohol guarantees that it will remove all disease-causing organisms from your hands and from non-porous surfaces you are concerned about: steering wheels, doorknobs, desktops, countertops, computer touchpads or mice, bathroom taps and washers, handrails, cell phones , Light switches, children's toys, TV remote controls, and any other hard surface that the disease might be on.

Choose from several popular fragrances and in packs of different sizes depending on your family's needs.

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