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You wish to see your weight loss happening as fast as how your laptop gets connected to your wi-fi, right? It may seem difficult but isn’t altogether impossible. Science has shown that when it comes to shedding kilos, little tweaks can help in yielding bigger results. So, even if you don’t have much time to spare, you can cut calories and curb cravings. There are a few weight loss tips that take just 30 secs but you will reap the benefits even after the time is up.

pistachios_flat tummy

Researchers say that snacking on pistachios 2 times a week make people less likely to gain weight in comparison to those who do not. The study also additionally found that those who snacked on pistachios with shells ate about 50% less than those who ate the one without shells and yet they felt just as full and satisfied.

Paint your nails

healthy nails

Try keeping your hands away from the cookie jar by just putting on a coat of clear nail paint. It will take just flat 30 secs and is a great way to curtail mindless snacking.

Slice your food

How to stay fit in the monsoons salads

It is time that table manners see the light of the day. Why? Because cutting your food down into smaller portions reduces food intake and also tricks the eater into thinking that they are eating more! Research says that people feel that piles of sliced veggies were larger than food kept in a single piece. Visual cues affect satiety you see. So, slice your food down to smaller pieces while eating.

flax seeds and weight loss

You can sprinkle a little bit of flax seeds on your oatmeal or soup for a nutty flavour. The extra fibre helps in filling you up. With 35 calories in a tablespoon, flax seeds offer a lot of health benefits.

Dress down a bit

skinny jeans workout

Take complete advantage of the casual Friday at work. A study found that people who wear jeans to work take 491 more steps than those who wore formals. So, rock each Friday in your pair of favourite jeans.

teeth- eggshell for healthy teeth

Try brushing your teeth soon after you finish your dinner. Brushing your teeth is like a signal to stop eating and if you clean your teeth with a toothpaste that has a strong taste (peppermint flavour in particular), it will distract your teeth buds from craving for any other flavour.

Make salad dressing for yourself

olive oil

Salad dressings like Heinz and the kind add too many unwanted calories to your salad. It won’t take you much time to make your own dressing. Just mix 2 parts of lemon juice to 1 part of olive oil and add to your salad. This way you won’t be downing extra calories.

Switch your seats at the dinner table

healthy familydinner

Researchers examined that those who sat facing the service area in a buffet were the fattest and the ones with their backs to the food were the skinniest. Just being able to see that you can get second helpings might encourage you to eat more. So, at parties always sit facing away from the food tables.

Swap mayo for hummus

hummus recipe without tahini

Instead of mayo, go in for some hummus. Hummus is made out of chickpeas and is just as tatsty and creamy as mayo plus you will save about 70 calories in each tablespoon.

Use a measuring cup

measuring cups and spoons

Keep a measuring cup in your kitchen instead of eyeballing your portions. With the help of measuring cups you will know how much you are consuming.

Hopefully you will use these quick tricks and lose weight swiftly!

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