Kangana Ranaut Diet and Fitness Mantras

Kangana Ranaut Diet and Fitness Mantras

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Today my post is about a celebrity who has transformed from ‘super skinny’ to a strong muscled figure. She admits that she has worked hard for it. Yes, you guessed it right. I am talking about this after watching the movie Dhakad. From a glam, tantrum-throwing supermodel in Fashion to a 70s-era actress in Once Upon a Time in Mumbai to the gorgeous, naughty rebel in Tanu Weds Manu and very powerful  kaya in ‘Krissh 3. Though my favourite still is ‘Manikarnika’.

Today’s celebrity is ‘the super-stylish Kangna Ranaut. Let’s talk about Kangana Ranaut, Diet and Fitness Mantras.

Kangana Ranaut Diet and Fitness Mantras

Did you all know, she was a theater actor before she made her Bollywood debut ?

Ms. Ranaut became quite talked about actor in Bollywood after her charming role in movie’ ’Tanu weds Manu’ and “Fashion”

A lot of people have speculated that she has under gone some kind of plastic surgery for figure correction but she denies that fact and says she is against surgery and has worked naturally hard on her figure to get those looks. She is said to be following a very strict diet and exercise plan.

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She says that she is struggling to gain weight in the right areas from the time of her teen age. Whenever she used to increase fats in her diet, she would gain all the flab around abdomen where she didn’t want it. But now she has started eating healthy and started cardio and weight training to get those desired looks.

Kangana Ranaut Diet and Fitness Mantras

“Kangna is an ectomorph “

Ectomorph : Long and thin muscles/limbs and low fat storage; usually referred to as slim. Ectomorphs are not predisposed to store fat nor build muscle.

Kangana’s Gym routine

She has been doing variety of work out schedules according to her role in films. When she needs to look feminine she will go in for a lot of cardio and dance exercises to tone her body and when her role demands a tough look she does a lot of weight training including circuit training, weights. Pushups, hill climbs, kick boxing for tough looks. She likes to do 1 to 2 hrs. of gyming whenever she gets time to do it.

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DAY 1:

• German set — 10 sets, 10 reps
• Squats, push ups, pull ups
• 20 min fartlek running

DAY 2:
• Kick Boxing — 45 mins
• Full body stretching followed by a 20-minute hill-training on elliptical

DAY 3:
• Complete rest. Helps the muscles recuperate.

DAY 4:
• Athletic sprint/speed workout — 30 minutes of sprinting drills and hurdle training
• 20 minutes of ab workout, external obliques and lower back exercises

DAY 5:
• Power yoga — 45 mins. To improve posture and balance.
• Meditation — 10 mins.

DAY 6:
• PHA (Peripheral Heart Action) training to improve muscular endurance and build up stamina or ‘turbulence training’ (to tone up and gain muscle or endurance to lose fat).

Close stance squats
Stand with legs at shoulder width.
Now bend your knees such that your thighs are parallel to the ground

Static lunges
Stand with your feet together.
Now bend your right leg in front as far as you can.
Slowly go down and bend both your knees at 90 degree angles.
Hold till five counts and slowly come back to your original position.

Stiff dead leg lifts
Stand with your feet wide apart and a straight back.
Bend down from the waist, while also bending your knees slightly.
Squeeze your butt and hamstring muscles, come up till the weights reach mid-thigh.
Hold till 5 counts and come up fully.


This is nothing but working out on aerobic steps.

kangna ranaut gym weight gain

Kanagana’s Diet

When some super thin girls talk about putting on weight, I would always feel its so easy, go out and have whatever you feel like having. Is it even a big deal ?? but the fact is they remain the same even after having loads of pizzas / burgers.

Now I understand how diet and exercise go hand in hand. Look at kangana’s diet, its simple with regular carbohydrates and protein. Lets take a look at it.

Breakfast: Porridge, cereals and egg whites omelet

snacks: Fruits and protein shake

Lunch:Boiled vegetables, salad, grilled chicken, rotis, dal and rice

Evening snacks : Brown bread with egg white sandwich

Dinner: Boiled vegetables or salad with baked or grilled chicken/ boiled dal

Kangana’s dietician says “Proteins cannot be absorbed without the necessary carbohydrates. Hence, the diet regimen which would ensure she has enough carbs,”  and adding, “Similarly, since she wanted to build muscle, she couldn’t have done without substantial food and moderate fat. Any kind of extreme dieting was a no-no.”

Kangana’s Measurements :

Height: 5 ft 7 inches or 173 cm

Weight: 55 kg or 117 pounds
Measurements: 32-23-35

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