Kjaer Weis Tinted Moisturizer Review From A Shopping Editor

I’m no stranger to Kjaer Weis; many of the brand’s products have been staples in my routine for a couple of years now, such as the illuminating eye balm and best-selling cream blush. The emphasis on creating clean formulas with organic ingredients was a huge part of what drew me to the brand—but the results were what kept me around. 

The same could be said for this tinted moisturizer, which plays double duty as skin care. As someone with oily skin, I’m always on the hunt for ingredients that give me a subtle glow or illumination without making me look like I just spent the last hour walking around in humid 100-degree weather. It’s not been an easy search. 

Fortunately, Kjaer Weis delivers with its signature ingredient Dioscorea batatas aka “the root of light.” Full transparency: The name has nothing to do with the actual effects of the Chinese plant, but the antioxidant-packed addition does have some illuminating benefits. It neutralizes free radicals, which decreases inflammation, delays photo-aging, and brightens your overall tone. The result? Glow without grease. 

And the skin benefits don’t end there; hazelnut extract is another star of the show. It has high concentrations of vitamin A, C, and E, which all work together to promote skin longevity. (But makes this product a no-go for those with nut allergies). 

You’ll also find rosehip seed oil, squalane, and glycerin integrated into the tinted moisturizer. These ingredients help boost the hydrating properties of the formula by acting as humectants to draw moisture into the skin, or emollients to create a protective barrier. 

Essentially, I don’t feel bad when I skip a few steps in my morning skin care routine if I know that I’m going to be applying a healthy layer of this tinted moisturizer.

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