Libra & Scorpio Compatibility: Love, Friendships + More

Romantically, Quinn says, this duo is going to require a bit more effort than other more compatible zodiac pairings for a few reasons.

For starters, Libras have the potential to lose themselves in Scorpio’s depths. They could wind up neglecting their own needs in the relationship, she explains, because of their tendency to prioritize balance and harmony above all.

Scorpio also tends to be more introverted than Libra, she adds, so Scorpio may run into issues with their social battery if their Libra partner wants to be on the go all the time.

They also have different ways of processing things, with Libra being more intellectual, and Scorpio more emotional. As Quinn puts it, “Scorpio needs to go all the way, deep to the root, in order to be able to move on, where Libra doesn’t necessarily,” adding that Libras tend to look at emotions a lot more intellectually and even a bit more on the surface than a Scorpio would.

However, all of these differences don’t have to be a bad thing if both people can approach each other with understanding and further, help each other grow. Libra can help Scorpio see things from an intellectual standpoint, Quinn notes, while Scorpios can help Libras go deeper and evolve.

She also adds that Scorpios are extremely loyal in relationships, which a Libra will greatly appreciate. “They love that they would be adored by the Scorpio—that initial attraction would be really nice for them,” Quinn tells mbg, adding that the key with this zodiac matchup is sustaining that initial spark.

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