Looking for Best Eye Hospitals for Cataract Treatment? Read Now


Are you looking for Best Eye Hospitals for Cataract Treatment? Read Now

Let’s begin with a not-so-fun fact about cataracts; it is the leading cause of blindness worldwide. A concentrated cloud-like appearance is formed in the eye’s lens due to the body’s lack of fibers and proteins. Visiting an eye hospital is crucial since cataract averts the lens from sending proper signals to the brain, causing damage insidiously and leading to complete blindness.

Best Eye Hospitals for Cataract TreatmentBest Eye Hospitals for Cataract Treatment

What is Cataract: Definition & Symptoms

A cataract does not happen overnight, it takes years for its formation and severity to increase. The development of a foggy layer can be a witness in your eyes, which is also a major symptom. To see properly, you look at something, and the light passes through the clear lens of your eyes (behind the iris). After which, your eyes send signals to your brains, which interpret what you’re looking at properly.

Now, with cataracts, a foggy formation clouds your lens, and it is tough to focus on something, because of which the eyes can’t send clear signals to the brain, causing trouble in daily life.

If any of these symptoms occur, it is essential to visit an eye hospital.

  • Night vision starts getting affected, and driving takes a toll.
  • Blurred vision is also the first few symptoms of cataracts.
  • It gets tough to see colors clearly; they seem faded.
  • Vision power decreases, and the spectacles need to change often.
  • Double vision
  • Foggy vision

Types of Cataracts: An Insight

There are 4 major types of cataracts

Type 1- Nuclear Cataracts

This type of cataract affects the center of the lens; the first symptom of this type is short-sightedness, which may disfigure your reading vision. Eventually, the lens turns yellow, clouding the vision further. When these symptoms start appearing for damage control, it is pivotal to visit an eye hospital.

Type 2- Cortical Cataracts

This type of cataract affects the edges of the lens, the first symptom is when the edges of the eyes start having white opacities on the lens. If not treated on time, it spreads to the center and the other part of the eyes. It starts hindering vision and eventually can cause severe eyesight issues.

Type 3- Posterior Subcapsular Cataracts

This type of cataract affects the back side of the lens. It starts small, and with time, it enlarges to cover the back lens completely. It doesn’t prevent the light from passing by properly, hampering night vision and reading difficulty. This cataract spreads faster than any other type.

Type 4- Congenital Cataracts

This type of cataract is inborn, children develop it at an early age. Major causes may be genetic, infection, or womb trauma. Once detected, instant care is important to save the patient’s eye from further damage.

Prevention of Cataract

  • Consistent Eye Examination

It Is essential to visit an eye hospital regularly to ensure your eyes are healthy, and if a cataract occurs, it can be detected in the early stages.

Cataracts are likely to develop in people with certain medical conditions, including diabetes. Diabetes patients should take extra care of their condition and get regular eye check-ups.

This is a golden rule, have a colorful diet and include as many vegetables as possible to ensure a healthy system. Mindful eating is extremely important to prevent cataracts as they are high on antioxidants, resulting in healthy eyes and body.

  • Reduce Smoking/Alcohol Consumption

Smoking and alcohol consumption can cause dehydration in your body, and because of this, the eyes can suffer even further.

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