Make your customized walk plan to lose weight; Take the challenge

Are you ready to take the challenge with me?

Tailor-made hiking plan to lose weight

Are you ready to take the challenge with me?

It's the height of winter and despite all my good intentions, I haven't managed to get back into the weight loss effort with full force. But yes I have started to take my walks seriously as there is a load to shed. A long time ago, when I started running to get exercise, I felt very conscious On the way. Now when I think back to those days in 2011 and compare them to my current walking speed, I feel like I wasn't running, I was strolling. I find a need to prepare mine individual hiking plan decrease. So I do, will you take the first step with me?

In all these many years I have certainly managed to walk on the slow mantras and bhajans fast beat of Bollywood songs and trance music. Mashups and trance music can really help you enjoy your walking speed, you must try it once.

Those days I hid behind the trees and bushes so other morning walkers couldn't see me. (So ​​much for my low Self-esteem). In my early days of training, I searched YouTube for exercise videos, but used to find it difficult to do any of these high-intensity workouts. That's when I discovered Leslie Sansone's "WAH" Walk at Home program.

It's still my favorite workout program. This program is run by different coaches, although Leslie Sansone is absent for unknown reasons. Seven years ago, "WAH" helped me build stamina. I was in my 40s at the time and had the better joint condition. Now in my mid 50's I need to improve my knee and hip joints and this program is always there to keep me moving safely. Right now my goal is to keep my joints soft and pain free so I can always vouch for walking in some way.

C2to5K was another program that can help a lot with weight loss, but due to my RHA issues, I didn't want to take any chances. If you decide to join the Couch to 5k program, you can find various podcasts and apps online for free. I like Chubby Jones C2 to 5K Podcast.

These days I walk outside and inside on a treadmill, which I do in conjunction with the Walk at Home program. My Mi Fit app shows these graphs and keeps me motivated.

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Create your customized hiking plan in India to lose weight

Now let's see how to create your own individual hiking plan in India and lose weight better without getting injured joints. An app or smartwatch can easily motivate us to run daily more than a day before. A running or step counting app or a smartwatch or a fitness band makes walking fun. It can actually transform your daily walking routine. The first step is to get a good smartwatch or pedometer app so you can get feedback on your efforts. Just open google play store and search, you will find the various good walk and pedometer apps. I have a Mi Smartwatch that works in tandem with their app and I enjoy using it.

As we all know we must run 10,000 steps every day to lose weight safely. Let me tell you how I plan my daily 10,000 step hikes.

  • Walk 1…2000 steps with 2 miles Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home program.
  • Walk 2…2000 steps on the treadmill after doing the chores.
  • Walk 3…2000 steps after lunch I plan to walk in the park in front of my house when no one is around. (Beware of Omicron)
  • Walk 4… 2000 steps Leslie Sansone 2 miles evening walk after tea.
  • After dinner, walk 5…2000 steps in the park again, if not crowded.

Well, that may sound very doable, but I know it will be difficult to complete schedules as planned. It doesn't matter as I know I sometimes struggle to do 5000 steps myself, but that doesn't make me a failure. Remember that there is nothing we cannot do in life. All we need is to push our limits and get out of our comfort zones. This is the secret to being a successful daredevil.

So I challenge myself and you at least to that push you hard enough when it comes to health. As I always say, life is good when you're happy on the inside. Walking makes me happy and believe me, a healthy you will always be a happy you. So let's love life, live life and avoid the unnecessary part of you to feel the joy of doing something for yourself.

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