Mattress Pad Vs. Mattress Topper + Our Top Picks For Each

Adding three layers of cooling and support to your current mattress, this memory foam topper is a solid option for hot sleepers. The materials are moisture-wicking and help regulate your body temperature throughout the night. While memory foam is not a sustainable option, these foams are at least CertiPUR-US® certified, which is the bare minimum certification we check for in sleep products. 

If you are looking for something that can support your many sleeping positions, this topper’s targeted comfort zones will support your body and its pressure points through every toss and turn. The pressure-relieving effect also makes this a great choice for anyone with back or joint pain. To top it off, the elastic banded sides keep topper in place as you snooze. 

While the brand offers a 5-year warranty, be advised there is no trial period, refund, or return policy, unless the product is unopened and unused.

What Reviewers Say:

“The foam topper stays in place and provides a cooler sleep,” confirms one five-star reviewer. Others add that it’s a must have for those seeking pain relief. “Buy the topper, especially if you have pressure point issues with pain,” wrote another. “We have significant pressure point issues with shoulders, back, joints, and hips; this is definitely the sweet spot – you’ll feel like you are cradled in comfort without the uneasy feeling of sinking in foam.” However, here’s a heads up: in addition to no trial period, there are no negative reviews of this topper on the GhostBed site, making it important to research the product (and or the brand) a little more before purchasing to get further, in-depth insight.

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