mbg Beauty Editors Share 10 Favorite Products Of September

As the season draws to a close, it’s difficult to escape the palpable “back to school” energy in the air. The end of summer can feel like a race against the clock—there’s this unspoken pressure to soak up the last few late night sunsets (sob), take an impromptu getaway, and cross off all the to-do’s on your summer bucket list you totally meant to accomplish but didn’t quite carry through. 

As a beauty team, we spoke about this bubbling sense of nostalgia (can you have nostalgia for something that isn’t even over yet?) and the anxious energy that naturally arises with the autumn equinox. Of course, fall also brings so much excitement—crisp air, changing leaves, stunning makeup trends, and, uh, not melting into a puddle of sweat every time you venture out the door—but there’s also a sense of urgency during the transition period that can make you feel slightly overwhelmed and somewhat wistful. We feel it, too. 

So this month, we floated towards products that helped give us a necessary moment of pause. Maybe they offered a gentle nudge of exfoliation or encouraged brightness, but mainly, they helped us give ourselves grace. (When two editors separately use the term “cashmere” to describe a product, you know it’s like a safety blanket for your senses.)

From an ultra-relaxing herbal steam to a steady, woody fragrance to a butter-thick hand treatment, these are the products that grounded our routines of late. Check out our favorite restorative launches from September, so you can mindfully honor the summer and prepare for the season ahead.

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