Olympic Gymnast Simone Biles Shares A Secret To Her Success

"Simone embodies everything that Athleta stands for, from inspiring women and girls to have the confidence to pursue their passions to supporting the strength of their community," said Kyle Andrew, Chief Brand Officer of Athleta. "For our first campaign, it was important to us to bring these shared values ​​to life and to show how we rethink what it means to sponsor an athlete – for us that means fully supporting Simone and showing her, that it is more than gold medals. "

The new campaign is titled "Power of She, Power of We" and it really focuses on the people who shaped Biles today. (After a year of reminding us how important social connections and community really are, this feels particularly poignant.) As part of the introduction, Athleta spoke to a number of key people on her network to get a deeper look at the Athlete to get trip.

Her mother, Nellie Biles, shares how she always encouraged her daughter to believe in herself and seek help from her community when needed. That level of guidance has certainly influenced her ambition: Biles' mother shares with mbg, "When she was younger, she wrote and wrote down her goals for the rest of the year (long-term and short-term)."

Another influence in her life, trainer Cecile Landi, reflects how proud she is of the gymnast – not only because of her talent but also her character. "She has grown to be an amazing young, independent lady who still relies on her people," says Landi. "She's not afraid to raise her voice, tell her truth, and hold on to it to make change for the better for women around the world! She is a true role model and inspiration. She uses her power to do greater things."

See the campaign landing page for more words from Biles & # 39; Loved ones, along with some of their top Athleta picks.

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