OMAD Weight Loss Journey – A new beginning

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Today is Wednesday, and for quite some time, I had been thinking of making mid-week an inspiring one for the readers. I had been trying to make Wednesday’s post different for you all; finally, today, here I am with my desired post series. I will share a weight loss journey of a very dear friend, a lady in her mid-fifties who had been pretty frustrated seeing the weighing scale not moving even a bit. I wish to introduce this woman who has long been suffering due to autoimmune disease and obesity. I had been trying to help her with her various issues and had given up at one point in time. Yesterday, I received a call from her, and she was beaming with joy to tell me that she had finally begun to lose weight. Wow! This was the happiest news for me as I was really pained by her plight. My friend (Name not to be disclosed as promised) had been doing everything to lose weight but was finding it very demotivating when even after regular walks daily, she was not able to see the scale budging. I had been suggesting that maybe her calorie intake was more than what she was burning, but her food log was telling a different story. She was not eating much, and her intake was not exceeding 1100 calories. She had promised me that the day she began to lose weight again, she would let me share her weight loss journey on IWB.

So dear readers, here I am with a series of posts every Wednesday evening that will record my friend’s (Let me call her Sugandha here as that is my favorite name) health and weight loss journey and inspire many more of us who are looking for some light at the end of the tunnel.

To begin with the story…..

Sugandha had touched 99.6 kg one year back and was under duress because of her joint pains caused by autoimmune disease. She was going for a minimum of 30-45 minutes walk four times a week. Though she wanted to do it all seven days, her low energy levels made it difficult for her to do so. After trying to do various restrictive diets like egg diet, Keto, no fat, high fat, low carb, etc, she failed to lose weight as it was difficult for her to stay satisfied with what she was eating. Being a foodie, doing these restrictive diets was tough. When she failed to continue, it affected her mental health, and she found her eating all the banned foods in double the quantity.

Then one day, when she called me to talk about her issues, we decided to try OMAD, aka One meal a day. She took some time to get used to the idea, and then came the Sawan month. Sugandha fasted on Mondays and liked the idea of eating all kinds of food once a day without punishing her taste buds. That was the game changer for her. In one week, Sugandha was 95.65 kg.

She was happy, so she sent me this picture of her weighing scale.

OMAD Weight Loss Journey - A new beginningAre you looking for some motivation? Check out this OMAD Weight Loss Journey – A story of a new beginning.

How is she doing it?

Hope you all know that OMAD stands for One Meal A Day. There are many people who have started eating this way and have lost weight. The basic reason is that not everyone requires a standard calorie consumption. Many people are not that active due to different reasons. When you are not active, you don’t require that many calories in one eating session.

Eating once a day - OMAD

According to research, OMAD approach can lead to not only greater weight loss but also better glucose metabolism, cognitive health, and also long and healthy life.

For someone leading an active lifestyle, intermittent fasting can be an uncomfortable challenge that might include fatigue, nausea, mood swings along with light-headedness.

What should you do to stay healthy?

All the fancy diets are nothing but temporary quick fixes but OMAD is an old Indian concept. For ages, Indians had been eating either twice or once a day and they felt agile as well as energetic enough to keep working hard all through the day. OMAD can have various benefits from weight loss to better energy levels but it might take you some determination to get used to this way of eating.

If you wish to lose weight and have issues with your joints, try a nature walk in the morning, do some meditation, and take an Epsom salt bath. Do a lot of stretching if you are above 55 and finally get used to eating your heart full in that one meal you decide to take. Just to help you out, Sugandha, my friend is having one wholesome meal during lunchtime.

Another rule for losing weight with OMAD is to keep yourself well hydrated throughout the day. Drink a glass of buttermilk, and sleep well for 7 to 8 hours.

Avoid packaged juices and focus more on eating whole fruits as you need the fiber for your digestive system to work well with OMAD optimally.

Cheers to you Sugandha my friend. 

Readers, please stay tuned as I keep tracking this weight loss journey next Wednesday too. If you wish to know more about losing weight, you can check out these posts here too…

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