OMG — You Have To Feel The Svakom Nymph’s “Pleasure Fingers”

The Svakom Nymph looks like a cute little squid, but switch it on and it becomes an intense pleasure-giving sex toy… designed to get wet and drive you wild. We decided to give the Svakom Nymph a review and see what the fuss is about.

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Svakom Nymph Review: I tried it – and here’s why I love it

First off, the Svakom Nymph has got to be the cutest sex toy I have ever laid eyes on – and I’ve seen a few. Shaped like baby squid straight out of a Pixar studio and pinker than pink, I just want to buy it a fish tank and call it Snoekie.

But step aside cuteness and cuddles, because when you turn it on, this toy goes from being a bathroom accessory that wouldn’t seem amiss alongside the bubbles to… a machine.

What I luuuuurve about the Nymph is that both ends are super-stimulating, but in totally different ways, so you can buzz both on and simply switch sides (and feels) as you move closer to your orgasm. (And it won’t take long to get there. Trust me.)

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But first, those fingers…

So here’s the deal with the Svakom Nymph. On one side you’ve got your “pleasure fingers”… and fingery they are indeed. Close your eyes for a sec and imagine soft finger-like arms that swirl and rotate, gently hugging and caressing your clitoris, tugging at your labia and wrapping around your nipples. And that’s just for solo play.

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Now imagine how that would feel on your guy’s penis, balls and perineum as a teasing preamble to sex. You’ve got three grasping modes to play with, so let your mind roam where it will…

And that buzzy head on the other side…

Then onto the other, more intense, side: the rounded buzzy head. It’s basically a ball of pure pleasure. (You’ll defs be wanting more of this side as arousal intensifies.) Soft and flexible, apply direct pressure to, well, basically every body part that wants it – but mostly this is amazing for his perineum, and for all-over vagina action (inside and out).

But don’t forget your butt!

And then for those who are anal-curious but not ready for all those scary-looking plugs and beads (could they make them look a little less torturous please?), the Nymph is a cool way to feel around that area without the fear factor. The head sports five vibration modes, so you can go as slow as you want and up the speed as you get more comfy.

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Lastly, just add water

The Nymph was made to live underwater – 100% waterproof, it’s perfect for both bath and shower play. You’ll be seduced into toting this little guy along every time you turn on the taps. And it just looks so damn sweet perched on the rim of the tub.

Try it

With a completely rechargeable battery, you score 1.5 hours on a single 40 minute charge. Best used with a high quality water-based lubricant for optimal results. Buy the Nymph at Desir.

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