Rubbing Vs. Pressing Skin Care Products: Experts Weigh In

Short answer? There is no. Ultimately, you should do whatever you feel good about in the moment: "It's more important that you are consistent and enjoy your skin care routine," notes beautician Tami Blake, founder of Free + True. Whether you would like to inject products or prefer a light massage, that is entirely up to you.

Blake personally prefers to spread products with light pressure to stimulate blood flow and increase absorption into the skin (since you literally work them in with your hands). Hot Tip: She also sprays a moisturizing toner on while she's applying her serums and moisturizers, as the mist not only further improves absorption, but also provides enough slip so that you don't pull on the skin.

Joanna Vargas, prominent beautician and founder of Joanna Vargas Salons and Skin Care, also votes for a gentle massage: "I'm not a pat product person," she says. "I prefer to teach customers to use hand-over-hand strokes to apply the product because it is good for the circulatory and lymphatic systems." Especially when you're in the market for a more instant glow (you have places to be!) The increase in blood flow can provide an internally-lit glow. Again, you should always keep the pressure as light as a feather; You never want to rub too hard and cause inflammation.

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