Simple Fresh Tomato Soup Recipe That’s Freezer-Friendly

"This variant of the classic gives freezing a depth that is also well suited," she writes, "I think that if typical tomato soups are too dependent on the freshness of the main ingredient and the herbs that go with it, the freezing can be impaired." But a soup where the tomatoes are heavily cooked and have a different flavor layer can easily be frozen. "

Also, since you're working with fresh ingredients on a tray, Rosen also realizes that you don't get as much soup with this recipe as you might be used to. “If you want to double (or triple) this recipe, follow the same directions but make sure each sheet pan has a separate time under the grill,” she suggests, pointing out that “char time is key . "Aside from those delicious charred tomatoes, this soup's ingredient list is like a study of the basics of the Mediterranean diet: olive oil, onion, garlic, basil, and broth are all the other ingredients you need.

Soaking it in the freezer (after cooling it is key!) Can add to the wait before enjoying the soup, but you'll still want it within three months (that is, it can still be good) In any case, making this soup in July or August with peak tomatoes means a fantastic tomato soup in October or November – which definitely sounds like a win.

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